Ecosystem Ecology

The Ecosystem Ecology curriculum is based on the professional ecologist curriculum of the Ecological Society of America and provides the education needed for professional certification. Building on the core courses in biological and ecological sciences, students in this concentration study in depth natural processes and ecological interactions. This concentration reflects the tremendous depth of faculty resources in ecology at the University of Maine and is designed to prepare students for both advanced study and professional work in ecology.

Specialized tracks in the Ecosystem Ecology Concentration:
Students in the EES Ecosystem Ecology Concentration may choose a generalist track with elective course selections representing a broad array of ecosystems OR a study track that focuses on a specific ecosystem-type of interest to the student.

Focus tracks include Forest Ecology, Aquatic and Wetland Ecology, and Marine Ecology. Students choosing a focus track will consult with an academic advisor in their chosen area and jointly develop a selection of concentration electives that suit their academic and career goals. Finally, students in the Forest Ecology track will be eligible for School of Forest Resources scholarships that are awarded each spring.



Ecosystem Ecology concentration requirements can be found in the online catalog here.

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Amanda Klemmer

Assistant Research Professor of Food-web Ecology

School of Biology and Ecology