Are you passionate about the outdoors? Do you love studying and observing the natural world ? Are you concerned about local and global environmental issues? If so, the Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program at the University of Maine is the place for you!

It is widely understood that human and environmental health are facing serious problems across the globe, and that understanding–and solving–these problems requires comprehensive study. Ecology and Environmental Sciences (EES) is an interdisciplinary B.S. Degree program that emphasizes the inextricable link between humans and the environment. Students in the program receive solid training in the natural and social sciences. Our outstanding faculty spans a breadth of disciplines including geosciences, soils, biology, ecology, environmental sciences, economics, policy and more. In addition to our B.S., we also offer a Minor in Ecology and Environmental Science, a Minor in Soil Science, and a Minor in Sustainability. 

EES faculty have active graduate research programs, providing students access to a broad array of research initiatives, as well as employment opportunities in their fields of study, during the academic year and the summer months. The majority of our students participate in internships and study-abroad programs.

Graduates with the B.S. in EES pursue careers in environmental consulting, natural resource management, conservation biology, environmental planning, environmental protection, natural resource conservation, ecology, research and environmental advocacy. Opportunities can be found in a variety of settings including non-profit organizations, local, state and federal agencies, schools and universities. The degree can also be used in preparation for postgraduate study. The University of Maine offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.