Tristan Hernandez, B.S. in 2020

Tristan HernandezTristan Hernandez completed his undergraduate degree in the UMaine Ecology and Environmental Sciences program in 2020 with a concentration in Natural History and Environmental Studies. Ever since EES 117, the Introduction to Ecology and Environmental Sciences course, he knew he wanted to be a park ranger for the National Park Service (NPS), and he felt his chosen concentration was a perfect fit. As an undergraduate at the university, he was the President of Green Team, the Social Media Chair of the Dungeons and Dragons club (DnD), and was involved in Guitar Club.

When he wasn’t in class or club meetings, Tristan worked on-campus with Brad Libby at the Roger Clapp Greenhouses and Littlefield Garden. He also worked as a park ranger each summer, experiencing a variety of different parks while he was still an undergraduate student.

With his experiences in EES and his work with the NPS as an undergrad, Tristan then worked at Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Park in California following his graduation from UMaine. In his position as a park ranger, he worked in the Interpretation Division, communicating with the public in the visitor’s center, giving tours and programs, and discussing the interesting resources the park has to offer like the largest tree on Earth! Now, Tristan has a permanent position at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico where he will continue giving tours, communicating with visitors, and talking about the unique features of the landscape.

His advice for those interested in getting involved with the National Park Service is to volunteer in the system and be open to new experiences and public speaking. If interested in learning more and if you have any questions about being a park ranger, Tristan is available by email at and on Facebook.