Carl Tugend, M.S. 2017

Carl Tugend Duck TrappingCarl Tugend Duck TrappingCarl Tugend received a B.S. in Zoology and an M.S. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences in 2017 both at the University of Maine. His master’s work focused on habitat changes and the implications on caribou and goose populations in Southwest Greenland. More specifically, the effects of geese and caribou have on Arctic lakes, through nutrient and dissolved organic carbon inputs.
Currently, he works for the State of Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department as an Assistant Regional Wildlife Biologist in Jonesboro, Maine. Carl has a wide variety of responsibilities that stretch from habitat management to responding and assisting with nuisance wildlife. The department also supports Species Specialists in the Bangor office with species-specific studies such as duck banding, bear capture and winter den work, lynx surveys, waterfowl brood surveys, turkey banding, and shorebird surveys. In addition, Carl manages the Wildlife Management Areas properties within region C (Jonesboro), where he conducts environmental reviews on building projects and forest management plans to establish habitat impacts.


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