Sarah Vogel to Join as EES Graduate Student Representative

We are pleased to welcome Sarah Vogel as our new EES Graduate Student Representative. After receiving her MS at UMaine in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology, Vogel now joins the EES program to complete her Ph.D. During her time at UMaine, she found a second family among the students, faculty, and staff, and hopes to continues her involvement in these communities through the graduate student government.

Vogel is excited to meet new graduate students and describes plans to develop a formal EES graduate association that will be responsible for new activities within the program. She is also dedicated to attending graduate student and faculty meetings to keep herself and others informed on current news and issues. In this new position, she hopes to be a point of contact for new and established EES graduate students and states that, “Whether you have questions about paperwork or you just need a friendly ear, I am available.”

Her current research involves conducting a network analysis of the U.S. Geological Survey Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units program. The project aims to identify the motivations and relationships among members by examining the structure, communication, and socio-technical connectivity within organizations. She ultimately hopes to use this information in order to better understand and inform research and organizational management within the program.

Welcome aboard Sarah!