EES Announces Leadership Changes

As of September 1, 2015,  three core staff members left their respective roles in EES: Aram Calhoun, Lindsay Seward, and John Daigle. For the last four years, Aram was a tireless advocate for EES programs and students. Under Aram’s tenure as EES Director, EES launched a new program with a centralized office to manage and grow both the Undergraduate and Graduate programs, increased internship and scholarship opportunities for our students, developed a new Undergraduate Curriculum to better prepare our graduates for professional life and graduate studies and much more. Lindsay served for four years as EES Undergraduate Coordinator and has been a passionate and dedicated advocate for EES undergraduates and our curriculum. Lindsay played an instrumental role in the increase of students entering the program, which have more than doubled for this year’s incoming class. As Graduate Coordinator, John Daigle oversaw the Spring and Fall 2015 admissions cycle; the selection of our most recent Correll Fellow, Sonja Birthisel; and provided guidance to help strengthen graduate education and research in the program.

Sarah Nelson, Associate Research Professor with the School of Forest Resources, Mitchell Center, and Maine RiSE Center and instructor for several EES courses including EES 117, EES 217, EES 100, and EES 489, is serving as the new Director for EES. Her interdisciplinary research as a watershed biogeochemist and graduate degrees in the UMaine EES program provide expertise well-suited to help guide EES as it continues to evolve.
Brian Olsen, Associate Professor with the School of Biology & Ecology, was appointed EES Assistant Director and Graduate Coordinator. He will coordinate the EES Graduate Program and assist the Director on policy and leadership within NSFA for interdisciplinary research in ecology and environmental sciences. Brian’s enthusiasm for the program is contagious. His research program, working with graduate students and both on- and off-campus partners, links ecosystem ecology with environmental change and is an exemplar of the growing importance of research across disciplines.

Julie Eubanks has served for four years as the EES Administrative Specialist, and was appointed the new Undergraduate Coordinator. Julie’s resourcefulness, extensive knowledge of the EES program and University policies, and approachability make her well suited to serve as Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Additionally, her professional interests in higher education and advising coupled with her background working with environmental organizations provide Julie with a unique perspective and enthusiasm that will meet the needs of EES students seeking academic guidance.

A big thank you to Aram, Lindsay and John for their service to EES, and good luck to Sarah, Brian and Julie in their new roles in the EES Program!