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EES 475: Field Studies in Ecology (3 credits): PERU!

Instructors:         Aram Calhoun, Mac Hunter, Lindsay Seward                                                        

  • Study sunny South American tropical ecosystems over the cold, dark Maine winter. We will visit one of most diverse regions in the world in the western Amazon rainforest.
  • We will zip-line through the canopy, canoe through flooded forests, swim with pink dolphins, and fish for piranha!
  • See tropical birds, sloths, orchids, bromeliads, poison dart frogs, insect & much more!
  • Have close encounters with multiple species of primates, including pygmy marmosets (the world’s smallest primate), squirrel, woolly, and owl monkeys.

Prerequisite: EES 475 has a prerequisite of an ecology course

Tentative course fee and schedule:

February 26 – March 9

Course fee: ~Approximately $2,600

(includes everything except tuition)