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Welcome to the Glacial Geology and Geochronology Research Group at the University of Maine!  Use the links below to learn more about our ongoing research.

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We are working on projects in western Maine/northern New Hampshire, Scotland, Greenland, Mongolia, New Zealand, South America, and Antarctica.



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University of Maine Cosmogenic Isotope Laboratory

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  • Congratulations to PhD student Scott Braddock who received outstanding graduate student award and PhD student Peter Strand who received the outstanding graduate research award in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture.
  • Brenda Hall, graduate students Meghan Spoth and Maraina Miles and undergraduate Eva Griffiths spent a month on a sailboat in the Beagle Channel, southern Chile, along with colleagues from the University of Cincinnati and the Universidad de Magallanes and a science journalism student from Northwestern University. They were collecting data to help answer questions about the cause of the last ice-age termination. Stay tuned for a larger report on the field season soon!
  • Former student Tess Walther, along with Brenda Hall, George Denton, and Chris Hendy (University of Waikato, NZ) just had a paper accepted in Quaternary Science Advances concerning Antarctic glacial history. This paper stems from Tess’s MS degree. Congratulations Tess!
  • Current student PhD Meghan Spoth, along with Brenda Hall and colleagues at the University of Cincinnati and the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute just had a paper accepted in Quaternary Science Reviews concerning shifts in the southern hemisphere westerlies since the last ice age. Nice job Meghan!
  • New paper out, led by collaborators at NUI Galway, including graduate student Adrienne Foreman and UM alum Gordon Bromley.
  • Former UM graduate student, Stephanie Heath, along with research group members Brenda Hall and George Denton and collaborators Gideon Henderson and Chris Hendy, just published a new paper on the Royal Society Range region of Antarctica in Quaternary Science Reviews. For a limited time, the paper is downloadable for free from:
  • May 2021: Zander was featured in this article in the Bangor Daily News!
  • May 2021: New graduate student Zander Roman was interviewed for this article in the UMaine News!
  • May 2021: Lauren Carver and Zander Roman graduated this week and will continue their work at UMaine as graduate students!
  • April 2021: Undergraduate Lauren Carver and graduate Alexander Audet awarded best presentations at the Geological Society of Maine spring meeting
  • March 2021: Undergraduate Zander Roman awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • March 2021: Faculty member Dr. Aaron Putnam granted tenure
  • March 2021: Members of the UMaine team recently published three papers in Quaternary Science Reviews:
    -The Zealandia Switch: Ice age climate shifts viewed from Southern Hemisphere moraines
    -Holocene glacial history of Renland Ice Cap, East Greenland, reconstructed from lake sediments
    -Multiple glacial maxima of similar extent at ~20-45 ka on Mt. Usborne, East Falkland, South Atlantic region
  • February 2021: Dr. Brenda Hall, along with other extraordinary women including Maine astronaut Jessica Meir, gave her advice on how to stay strong during times of social isolation in this interview with Bustle Magazine!
  • June 2020: Former Masters student Jill Pelto’s artwork is featured on Time Magazine’s new cover: 2020 is our last, best chance to save the planet. Read more about the edition here and check out Jill’s website to learn more about how she uses real climate data in her art to effectively communicate scientific research. Congratulations Jill!
  • June 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Brenda Hall who was awarded the Rising Tide Career Recognition Award! Learn more about her work here. Also, keep a look out for information on a public celebration coming Fall 2020!
  • May 2020: Dr. Brenda Hall was elected a Geological Society of America Fellow! Congratulations! Read more here.