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Student Position Available

We are recruiting an incoming M.S. student for fall of 2018 to work on a project concerning the behavior of the Antarctic Ice Sheet during the last termination. The project involves field work, extensive glacial mapping, and some aspect of chronology, either radiocarbon or surface exposure age dating. For more information, contact Dr. Brenda Hall (

Current Research

We are working on projects in western Maine/northern New Hampshire, Scotland, Greenland, Mongolia, New Zealand, South America, and Antarctica.  Find out more.



University of Maine Cosmogenic Isotope Laboratory

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  • January 2018: Dr. George Denton, Dr. Aaron Putnam, PhD student Peter Strand, and Masters student Noel Potter arrive in New Zealand for another field season of glacial geomorphological mapping and cosmogenic dating!
  • January 2018: Masters student Jill Pelto returns from the field with University of Washington’s Dr. John Stone and PhD student Joel Gombiner; click on the News link for blog updates about their season!
  • January 2018: Dr. Brenda Hall joins Masters student Allie Balter and undergraduates Laura Mattas and Tyler Pollock. Check out updates from their blog, here, and on twitter.
  • November 2017: Dr. Brenda Hall and Jill Pelto head to Antarctica to work at Liv Glacier in the southern Transantarctic Mountains
  • November 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Brenda Hall on her National Geographic funding to work with Dr. Thomas Lowell of University of Cincinnati. The project is in the Falkland Islands, and is titled “When was the last glacial maximum in the South Atlantic?”
  • October 2017: Dr. Aaron Putnam, Dr. Brenda Hall, Dr. George Denton, Dr. Gordon Bromley and students Peter Strand, Mariah Radue, Allie Balter, Jill Pelto, Noel Potter, and Ben Lindsay, attended and presented talks and posters at the 2017 Comer Climate Conference
  • August 2017: Dr. Aaron Putnam, Peter Strand, and Mariah Radue embark to work in the Tien Shan Range in China
  • Apr. 2017: Courtney successfully defended her dissertation, Allie received the Arthur D. Howard Award from GSA for her grant proposal, Jill received best poster award at the 2017 Borns Symposium
  • Mar. 2017: Former Master’s student Amanda Lusas, is the lead author on a scientific paper published in the Journal of Paleolimnology
  • Feb. 2017: Discover how Dr. Hall became interested in glaciers at a young age
  • Jan. 2017: Allie, Gordon, Jill and Brenda are all back from the deep field!  Check both the News page and the blog to hear about their successful field seasons.
  • Dec. 2016 (2): Many of our group members attended the 2016 Comer Climate Conference this past October, read about the research presented there.
  • Dec. 2016 (1): Head over to the News page to read Jill’s first and second updates from the field.  Also, don’t forget to check Allie’s blog to see what she, Dr. Bromley, and the others are finding in the field.
  • Nov. 2016: Master’s student, Allie Balter, and Dr. Bromley head to East Antarctica to study Pliocene deposits.  Follow along here as they conduct their field work.
  • Oct. 2016: Many members of our research group are featured in the news!  (1) Check out an article and a podcast describing field work performed by Mariah, Peter and Aaron this past summer, and read a report about the dating method used on deposits in the Mongolian Altai; (2) Gordon’s Peruvian Andes research is featured in the UMaine News; (3) Discover the inspiration behind Jill’s “Glaciogenic Art” in this news piece
  • Sept. 2016: Congratulations to the newest PhD candidate, Courtney King, for passing her written and oral comprehensive exams!
  • Jul. 2016: PhD student Courtney King was awarded GSA’s On to the Future (OTF) Scholarship for travel to this year’s annual GSA meeting in Denver, CO where she will present her Antarctic research