SIE 525: Selected Web Readings

A wealth of free basic legal and policy educational material exists on the Internet. As such, much of the material assigned in this course may be freely read or viewed on the web. Some of the material we will utilize includes the following:

BITLAW: A Free Legal Resource Focusing on Intellectual Property 

Daniel A. Tysver (

This online resource covers the basics of copyright, patent, trademark and Internet law in the U.S. Material included at many of these links will be included in your reading assignments. Included at the end is material on Trade Secret law drawn from other sources.

Copyright Law in the United States (Source: Bitlaw)

  1. Summary and Index
  2. Obtaining Copyright Protection for a Work
  3. Works Unprotected by Copyright Law
  4. Scope of Protection Under Copyright Law – Rights Granted
  5. Fair Use and Other Limitations on Copyright Protection
  6. Copyright Formalities: Notice and Registration
  7. Duration of Copyright Protection
  8. Ownership of Copyrights
  9. Transfers and Licensing of Copyrights
  10. Database Protection under Copyright Law
  11. Mask Works
  12. U.S. Copyright Act
  13. U.S. Regulations relating to copyright

Patent Law in the United States (Source: Bitlaw)

  1. Summary and Index
  2. Requirements for protection under U.S. patent law
  3. Applying for a utility patent
  4. Provisional patent applications
  5. Examination of patent application in the U.S. patent office
  6. Patent issuance
  7. Rights granted by a U.S. patent
  8. Design patents
  9. Applying for protection under international patent laws
  10. Discussions on Software Patents
  11. U.S. Patent Act
  12. Section 101 Index
  13. U.S. Regulations relating to patents
  14. Manual of Patent Examining Procedure

Trademark Law in the United States (Source: Bitlaw)

  1. Summary and Index
  2. Devices that can Serve as Trademarks
  3. The Varying Strength of Different Trademarks
  4. Searching
  5. Common Law Rights
  6. Federal Law and Federal Registration
  7. Infringement
  8. Dilution
  9. Trademarks on the Internet
  10. U.S. Trademark Statute (or Lanham Act)
  11. U.S. Regulations relating to trademarks
  12. Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure

Internet Law (Source: Bitlaw)

  1. Index
  2. Web Site Development Legal Issues
  3. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Liability
  4. Trademarks on the Internet
  5. Domain Name Disputes
  6. Web Page Linking and Legal Liability

Trade Secret Law (Source: Wikipedia, US Patent and Trademark Office and Uniform Law Commission)

  1. Trade Secret (Wikipedia)
  2. US Trade Secret Policy (USPTO)
  3. Uniform Trade Secrets Act (ULC)