Scoring Index for SIE 525 Grading

Per Assignment Points in SIE 525: Points across categories are NOT equivalent in value. See the weights for each category on the course web site.

(a) Each Module A through Z Assignment = 20 pts
(b) Each Badge Assignment = 20 pts
(c) Participation in Each Class Period = 10 pts (only applies to on-campus students)
(d) Group Book Report = 100 pts

I. SIE 525: Typical Point Penalties for Module A through Z Shortcomings

 Module assignments are worth 20 points.

A. Late = -3 pts (late penalties increase as the semester moves forward)

B. Title: missing in first line or inappropriate title = -3 pts (i.e. Yourlastname, Module xx Report)

C. Questions: Failure to list one or more questions with your responses = -3 pts

D. Formatting: Failure to remove all formatting in your responses (e.g., left in autonumbering, bold text, indentations, extraneous headings not requested included in response, etc.) = -3 pts. Extra lines between paragraphs are allowed.

E. Report: Quality or depth shortcomings = -2 pts to -20 pts. Examples include:

(a) lack of substantive declarative content, inclusion of off-point non-relevant issues, or non-responsiveness to reading materials,
(b) lack of comprehensiveness in response or missed one or more key issues
(c) lack of clarity,
(d) incomprehensible phrases,
(e) misunderstanding expressed

Quality of report responses are generally assessed along the following scale:

1. Non-responsive or little evidence that readings were understood or perhaps even read.
2. An arguably substantive response but without clarification, explanation, or reasoning.
3. Substantively responsive reflecting understanding of the covered concepts
4. Thoughtful reflection, analysis, or critique in addition to responsiveness and understanding
5. Additional exceptional insights, perspectives, analyses, or syntheses.

F. TurnItIn Similarity Assessment: Excessive verbatim copying without quotes and formal bibliographic documentation = – 90% of grade typically. Checks against previous submissions in the course may result in similar penalties. (I may give a warning for first offenses taking off fewer points.)

G. Failure to answer any or all portions of the assignment = Incomplete (0 out of 20) and resubmission required

II. SIE 525: Typical Point Penalties for Badge Shortcomings

 Module assignments are worth 20 points.

1. Badge acquired and delivered on time = – 0 pts

2. Late but within 24 hours = -3 pts

3. Late but past 24 hours = -6 pts

 III. SIE 525: Typical Point Penalties for In-Class Shortcomings

 Each class period is worth 10 pts. Class participation is required for only those enrolled as On Campus Students. For these students, 75% of final exam grade is based on in-class performance

1. Lack of attendance = -10 pts (absences excused in advance do not result in penalties)

2. Lack of substantive oral response when called upon = -2 to -8 pts