SIE 525: Book Review Instructions

Guideline for Preparing Book Reviews

General Comments

Primary Objectives: An academic book review should provide a detailed overview of the contents and an evaluation of the book’s relevance. However, more than a summary of contents should be provided. The review should address thoroughly the main ideas, approaches and interpretations of the author. Are there particular insights of value or interest? A good review should provoke reflection on the part of the reader. Both the strengths and weaknesses of the book should be addressed.

Your book may or may not directly address information law and/or policy issues. Regardless, be certain to address how the ideas, insights, lessons, or predictions conveyed in the book might help resolve or relate to past and future legal and policy challenges faced by the nation and the world.

Your review is expected to be comprehensive and in-depth. A minimum of 2,500 words is expected.

Secondary Objectives: In addition to the primary objectives of your review as stated in the above paragraph, the following phrases may be helpful in suggesting a subset of additional points to address in the body of the review:
Purpose of the book? Intended for information system practitioners in government, the commercial sector or academia? Intended for a wider audience that may include information system practitioners and students?  Interesting and relevant to the readership of a course such as this?  An edited book with numerous authors? Worthwhile contribution to the existing literature? How is it different or what does it add? Accurate? Clear? Concise? Interesting? Well-organized? Flow well? Up to date? Authoritative? Adequately tied to the relevant literature? Figures, tables, and photos worthwhile and appropriate? More or fewer figures, tables and photos desirable? Author’s writing style works well with the material? Valuable as resource for students, entry-level practitioners, technical staff, managers, experienced practitioners, educators, researchers? Of use in the classroom? Reference text for a library? Conclusions or summary appropriate and supported by the content?

Format of the Book Review:

Include prior to beginning your review, the course number and course title followed by your name(s).

At the beginning of the review, include:
Title of book (with edition if appropriate)
Names of authors or editors
Year of publication
Name and complete address of publisher
Number of pages, ISBN number, and whether available in hard cover, paper cover and/or electronic versions.
Reviewer name(s): Firstname Lastname, etc. … for all reviewers who participated.

Submission Process:

Save your document as an MS Word (preferred) or pdf document. The name of the attached document should include the last name of the book author (e.g. Review of Reichman). Deliver your file to the course Brightspace site using the appropriate assignment link. If co-reviewers are involved, the assignment need be delivered by only a single student before the deadline.