Database System Applications

Silvia Nittel
Room 334  Boardman Hall

Course Objectives

Covers object-relational database system, and using them in Java and web applications. Object-relational database systems. The relational data model. The SQL language. SQL queries. Installing, designing, populating, updating and querying database systems. Using graphical user interfaces for database management. Data streaming. Programming database systems with Java and JDBC. Programming web-based database application with Java, PHP or NetBeans, and a database system.

Lec. 3. Cr. 3.

Prerequisites: SIE 507, programming experience in Java, or C++

Course Goals and Objectives

  • Introduce students to concepts of modern database systems
  • Develop an understanding of using, designing, and programming database systems
  • Expose students to practical work with database systems through a series of labs

A. Class Sessions

  • On-campus Students: Tue/Thu 3:30-4:45pm.
  • Live Broadcast: Available at http://connect.maine.edu/sie557/ Online students may view and participate in the live sessions and are required to do so. For missing students, sessions will be recorded. Skype conference calls are used for discussions.

B. Course Materials



We will use  MySQL, Java, and PHP.

C. Communications

  • You must have an email account and a Blackboard account for this course. See http://www. courses.maine.edu  if you do not yet have an account. Assignments and course material will be made available on the Blackboard course site.

D. Important Notices

E. Instructor Office Hours & Discussion Sessions

For discussions with the instructor, E-mail to nittel@spatial.maine.edu is often the simplest way to get a message through and a response and arrange for a meeting.

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