Gramlich Research Group

Polymer Chemistry in the Gramlich Group

Polymer chemistry in the Gramlich Group focuses on creating new polymers and materials to address broad challenges like improving the sustainability of polymers, creating advanced packaging, improving wound healing, and combating bacterial infection. To do this, we design of complex polymer architectures and chemistries for the temporal and spatial control over materials. We utilize controlled polymerization techniques, post-polymerization functionalization, and renewably sourced materials to create block copolymers, graft copolymers, hydrogels, and stimuli responsive materials. We also aim to fundamentally understand how polymer chemistry and microstructure affects macroscopic material properties. Overall, any project involving polymeric materials is of interest to us as these chemistries have implications in a wide array of fields.

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We welcome collaborations within and outside of the University of Maine.

We are currently looking for new graduate and undergraduate students to join the group and take part in our exciting research.

Research areas:

Sustainable materials

Spatiotemporally tunable biomaterials

Addressing challenges with bacteria

Advanced sustainable paper packaging

Contact Information:


Phone: (207)581-1173

Address: 171 Aubert Hall