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Chemistry, the central science, is an integral part of modern life and forms the basis for advances in nearly all areas of science and technology.  Students and faculty in Chemistry at the University of Maine work together to answer questions related to major societal issues:  energy, the environment, modern materials, and health and medicine.  We invite you to explore our undergraduate and graduate programs and to learn more about our research.  If you have questions or would like to make arrangements for a tour of our department, please contact Dr. Alice Bruce, Chair, 152/271 Aubert Hall, 581-1168/ 581-1182, abruce@maine.edu

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Department News

The Grand Challenge – Remote Chemistry Labs for 1,000 UMaine students.

Chemistry is an experimental science, which is best taught by doing Chemical hazards and specialized equipment tether chemistry lab courses taught at the University of Maine to sophisticated teaching labs in highly supervised, well ventilated environments.  When COVID-19 hit last spring, it prompted a grand challenge: could the introductory general and organic chemistry lab courses be shifted online, in a cost effective, safe manner, while preserving an active, hands-on experimental approach?

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Research Highlights

The research groups of Dr. Carl Tripp and Dr. Will Gramlich are working with the Advanced Structures and Composites Center in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to produce new bio-based materials conducive to 3D printing large, structurally demanding systems and objects, from molds for marine and infrastructure applications to homes. This novel material, made from combining bio-based resins and nanocellulose fibers from wood, aims to be an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional 3D printing feedstocks. Chemistry graduate students Peter Kelly, Grape Senkum, and Sabrina Sultana and undergraduate students Peng Cheng and Zoe Karpman are working to chemically modify cellulose nanofibers to improve composites, manufacturing of the nanocellulose, and drying. A recent publication in Macromolecular Rapid Communications by Peter Kelly, Peng Cheng, and Will Gramlich reports some of these efforts. 

UMaine CUGR Awards Announced

Congratulations to Sam Bonnevie, Angel Nieves, Peng Cheng, Lauren Andrews, and Kirsten Dennen for receiving CUGR awards this semester.  Click here for UMaine news article.


Seminar Series

Weekly Seminar – a Zoom link will be sent prior to the scheduled seminar along with the student’s abstract.

Schedule for Spring 2021 TBD