Laptop Requirements

All Chemical Engineering students are required to have a laptop by the spring term of their first year. All Biomedical Engineering students are required to have a laptop by the fall term of their first year. This helps the department overcomes limitations of crowded computer clusters. Our faculty integrates use of software packages in teaching and active learning, and introduces them to students as part of their classes. Students then have the capability to use those packages on their personal laptop computers during or outside of class. Students may purchase their laptop from any vendor of choice as long as selected unit meets or exceeds the following system specifications.

Recommended hardware requirements

  • Dual-core or quad-core 64-bit Intel or AMD processor
  • At least 8.0 GB of memory (RAM)
  • 500 GB HDD/SSD or more
  • Wireless network connection
  • DVD drive or burner (optional)

Recommended operation system

  • Windows 10 or higher

Other operating systems are NOT compatible with professional applications used in upper classes.

Recommended software requirements

  • Virus and spyware protection software.
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2016 or later. Log into to learn about free MS Office for personal devices.
  • Mathcad Prime 6 Student Edition or later. This is required for in-class use in the spring term of the first year. Instructions on where to purchase the specially-priced Student Edition will be provided before the spring semester.