Prof. Evan K. Wujcik Joins the Faculty!

Prof. Wujcik is originally from Warren, RI USA and attended Mt. Hope High School. He obtained his BS in Chemical Engineering [Biology Track] (May 2008), BS in Applied Mathematics (May 2010), MS in Chemical Engineering (December 2009), and MBA (August 2011) from The University of Rhode Island and PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from The University of Akron (August 2013). He was directly hired as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Lamar University (August 2013 through December 2016). In 2017, Prof. Wujcik joined the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at The University of Alabama as a tenure-track Assistant Professor (January 2017-Summer 2022).  Prof. Wujcik then moved to the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at The University of Maine on August 1, 2022 as a tenure-track Assistant Professor.  

The Materials Engineering And Nanosensor [MEAN] Laboratory conducts research on Polymers, Composites, Advanced Materials, Stretchable Electronics, Conductive Polymers, Organic Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors, Self-Healing Polymers, Electrospinning, Electrohydrodynamics, Green Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Water Quality.

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