Professional Development Funds

The Classified Employees Advisory Council (CEAC) receives funds from university administration for the professional development of classified employees. The purpose of these funds is to provide assistance to classified employees for professional development on and off-campus. Classified employees can apply for up to $200 per fiscal year.


Eligibility and Process:


  1. You must be a full- or part-time regular employee of the University of Maine (i.e., Flagship Campus) or a full- or part-time regular classified employee of the University of Maine System with a primary work location on the Orono campus.
  2. Send a completed application form including supporting documentation (i.e., conference program, workshop agenda or course syllabi) to Attn: Development Funds at
  3. Conference or workshop registration fees and class materials are eligible, but CEAC funds cannot be used for tuition/fees associated with your course.
  4. Anything over the allotted $200 is the responsibility of the employee. 
  5. If you are not purchasing books and materials from University Bookstore you must submit a receipt for reimbursement (after you’ve been approved) through UMaine’s Concur system. Instructions: CEAC Concur Reimbursement 11 2015
  6. CEAC is unable to reimburse sales tax as it is a nonprofit entity.
  7. Applications will be reviewed by a CEAC subcommittee. You will be notified of the committee’s decision within two weeks of receipt. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


If you have any questions about your eligibility, the application or reimbursement process, contact CEAC at



  1. Completely fill out the application form and submit it to Development Funds at
    1. If you are seeking funds for books, you must include prices (available at University Bookstore).
    2. If you are buying books from the University Bookstore, allow 24 hours to process the request.
  2. Bring your MaineCard with you when you purchase textbooks.
  3. Let the University Bookstore cashier know you are using the Classified Employees Professional Development Funds.


Q: What if my class is not at the University of Maine Flagship campus?

A: The funds will support textbook purchases. However, the University Bookstore can no longer order books that are not for classes on the Orono campus. You will need to submit your receipt through the Concur system to be reimbursed for your purchase.



Q: What do I do with the book after the class is over?

A: Unless you choose to keep your book, return it to a CEAC member. Pay it forward.



Q: What happens if I drop the class?

A: Make sure to return the book and receipt to CEAC so that we can have the money put back in the scholarship account.