List of Titles

NOTE: As of #76, all publications of the Canadian-American Public Policy will only have issue number and no longer use the month & year format.  We publish the titles in order, four each year.  #79 is the most recent publication, which came off the press March 2013.

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82) “Myth and Reality In Eastern Canada-Northeastern U.S. Regionalism” – Stephen G. Tomblin & Charles S. Colgan

81) “Changes in Canada-U.S. Trade in Intermediate Versus Final Good: Identification and Assessment” – Steve Globerman & Paul Storer (SOLD OUT)

80) “Expanding the Partnership?: State and Provinces in U.S.-Canada Relations” – Greg Anderson

79) “Irritable Border Syndrome: The Impact of Security on Travel Across the Canada-U.S. Border”- Susan L. Bradburry

78) “Continuity and Change in the Organization of Political Parties”– Mildred A. Schwartz  (SOLD OUT)

77) “Canada-United States Electricity Relations: Test-Bed for North American Policy-Making? -Monica Gattinger

76) “In the Pipeline” or “Over a Barrel”?  Assessing Canadian Efforts To Manage U.S. Canadian Energy Interdependence– Geoffrey E. Hale


75) Sustainable Development in Small Jurisdictions: The Cases of New Brunswick and Vermont– Hassan Arif

74) Passports For All– Victor Konrad & Heather Nicol

73) The Absence of Governance: Climate Change in Canada and the United States– Barry G. Rabe


72) Canada-US Border Securitization: Implications for Binational Cooperation– Donald K. Alper and James Loucky

71) Managing Alternate Realities: ‘Autonomy’ vs.Relevence’ ? Engaging US Foreign and Security Policies- Geoffrey Hale

70) Sacred Cow? Canada’s Response to the BSE Crisis: Evaluating North American Integration, Science, and Questions of Intrusiveness and Autonomy – Christopher Kukucha & Joanne Luu

69) Divergent Campaigns Towards Global Health Goverance: Canadian and U.S. Approaches To The Global HIV/ AIDS Pandemic – Jeffery Ayres & Patrica Siplon


68) Canada A Land Of Deep Ambivalence: Understanding The Divergent Response to US Primacy After 9/11 – Douglas Ross & Anil Hira

67) Is Spotlighting Enough? Enviromental NGOs and the Commission for Enviromental Cooperation – Leslie R. Alm & Ross E. Burkhart

66) Too Close? Too Far? Just Right? False Dichotomies and Canada – US Policy Making – Reginald C. Stuart

65) “When in Rome” Comparing Canadian and Mexican Stategies for Influencing Policy Outcomes in the United States – Brian Bow



64) The Impacts of 9/11 on Trade Costs: A Survey – Georges Tanguay & Marie-Christine Therrien

63) Lies, Damned Lies, and Trade Statistics: North American Integration and the Exaggeration of Canadian
– Erin M.K. Weir

62) Municipal Consolidation Quebec Style: A Comparative North American Perspective – Richard Vegroff & Robert K. Whelan

61) Federalism Matters: Welfare Reform and The Inter-governmental Balance of Power in Canada and the United States – John Harles & Jamie Davies


60) Boundaries and Corridors: Rethinking the Canada-United States Borderlands in the Post – 9/11 Era – Victor Konrad & Heather Nicol

59) Toward Deeper North American Integration: A Customs Union? – Axel Huelsemeyer

58) Comparing Local Cross-Border Relations Under the EU and NAFTA – Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

57) Political Economy of the U.S. – Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute – Joseph A. McKinney


56) “Internationalization” and the Conservation of Canada’s Boreal Ecosystems – Jeremy Wilson

55) Symbolic Tokenism in Canada-U.S. Cultural Sector Trade Relations – Jason Bristow

54) Perspective on U.S.-Canada Relations Since 9/11: Four Essays – Howard Cody, Martin Lubin, Donald Caccioletta, and Marie-Christine Therrien

53) Comparing Forest Certification in the U.S. Northeast and the Canadian Maritimes – Benjamin Cashore and James Lawson


52) North America Beyond NAFTA? Sovereignty, Identity, and Security in Canada-U.S. Relations – Stephanie R. Golob

51) Fact or Fiction? The Canadian Medicare “Crisis” as Viewed From the U.S. – Theodore R. Marmor et al

50) North American Transjurisdictional Cooperation: The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment – Allen L. Springer

49) NAFTA 2002: A Cost/Benefit Analysis for the United States, Canada, and Mexico – Earl H. Fry and Jared Bybee


48) From Public good to Private Exploitation: GATS and the Restructuring of Canadian Electrical Utilities – Marjorie Griffin Cohen

47) The 1999 Pacific Salmon Agreement: A Sustainable Solution? – Kathleen A. Miller, Gordon R. Munro, Ted L. McDorman, Robert McKelvey, Peter Tyedmers

46) Washington’s Response to the Ottawa Land Mines Process – Christopher Kirkey

45) North American Smog: Science-Policy Linkages Across Multiple Boundaries – Debora L. VanNijnatten and W. Henry Lambright


44) Doing the Continental: Conceptualizations of the Canadian-American Relationship in the Long Twentieth Century – Allan Smith

43) The Comparative Politics of Military Base Closures – Lilly J. Goren and P. Whitney Lackenbauer

42) Should the Log and Wood Products Trade Be Regulated in the Northeastern Borderlands? – Lloyd C. Irland

*41) Who Decides What? Civil-Military Relations in Canada and the United States – Douglas L. Bland


40) Cross-Border Travel in North America: the Challenge of U.S. Section 110 Legislation – Theodore H. Cohn

39) Unwarranted Hopes and Unfulfilled Expectations: Canadian Media Policy and the CBC – Joel Smith

38) The Mouse That Roared? Lesson Drawing on Tobacco Regulation Across the Canada-United States Border – Donley T. Studlar

37) Scientists and Environmental Policy: A Canadian-U.S. Perspective – Leslie R. Alm


36) A Not So Magnificent Obsession: The United States, Cuba, and, Canada from Revolution to Helms-Burton Law – Stephen J. Randall

35) Fearful Asymmetrics: The Challenge of Comparing Continental Systems in a Globalizing World – Stephen Clarkson

34) Franchising The Candy Store: Split-Run Magazines and a New International Regime for Trade in Culture – Ted Magder

33) Transboundary Fishery Resources and the Canada-United States Pacific Salmon Treaty – Gordon Munro, Ted McDorman, and Robert McKelvey


32) Flights of the Phoenix: Explaining The Durability of the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Dispute – Ben Cashore

31) Observing the Rules: Canada-U.S. Trade and Environmental Relations – Annette Baker Fox

30) Are Canadian and U.S. Social Assistance Policies Converging? – Gerard Boychuck

*29) The Long Journey To Free Trade In U.S.-Canada – Michael W. Pustay


*28) Calling Maggie’s Bluff: The NAFTA Labor Agreement and the Development of an Alternative of Neoliberalism – Stephen Herzenberg

27) Resolving the North American Subsidies War – Peter Morici

26) Health Care Reform or Health Care Rationing: A Comparative Study – Joan Price Boase

25) The Abortion Controversy in Canada and the United States – Raymond Tatalovich


24) Multilateralism or Bilateralism in the Negotiation of Trade-Related Investment Measures? – Elizabeth Smythe

23) The Moral Economy of Health and Aging In Canada and the United States – Phillip G. Clark

22) Regulation, Industry Structure, and the Future of the North Atlantic Fishing Industry – Peter B. Doeringer, David G. Terkla, Audrey Watson

21) Anticipating the Impact of NAFTA On Health and Health Policy – Pauline V. Rosenau, Russell D. Jones, Julie Reagan Watson, and Carl Hacker


20) The Secret of Transforming Art Into Gold: Intellectual Property Issues in Canada-U.S. Relations – Myra J. Tawfik

19) Public Policy and NAFTA: The Role of Organized Business Interests and the Labor Movement
Henry J. Jacek

18) Divergent Pasts, Converging Futures? The Politics of Health Care Reform in Canada and the United States – Antonia Maioni

17) North American Social Democracy in the 1990s: The NDP in Ontario – Mildred A. Schwartz


16) The Impact of Free Trade on Canadian-American Border Cities – Peter Karl Kresl

*15) A New Global Partnership: Canada-U.S. Relations in the Clinton Era – John Kirton

14) The Intersection of Domestic and Foreign Policy in the NAFTA Agricultural Negotiations – Theodore H. Cohn

13) Canadian Politics in a Global Economy – Gordon T. Stewart


12) Canada-U.S. Electricity Trade and Environmental Politics – William Averyt

11) Settling U.S.-Canada Disputes: Lessons for NAFTA – Annette Baker Fox

10) Emerging Issues in Canada-U.S. Agricultural Trade Under the GATT and FTA – Theodore H. Cohn

*9) The Regulation of U.S.-Canada Air Transportation: Past, Present and Future – Martin Dresner


8) Plus Fifty and Still Counting: Canada-U.S. Defense Relations in the Post-Cold War Era – Joel J. Sokolsky

7) If Canada Breaks Up: Implications for U.S. Policy – Joseph T. Jockel

6) Trade Liberalization and the Political Economy of Culture: An International Perspective on FTA – Graham Carr

5) Change and Continuity in Canada-U.S. Economic Relations – William Diebold


4) Forests, Timber, and Trade: Emerging Canadian and U.S. Relations under the Free Trade Agreement – Thomas R. Waggener

3) Canadian Culture, the Canadian State, and the New Continentalism – Allan Smith

2) Trans-boundary Air Quality Relations – John E. Carroll

1) Canada-U.S. Relations in the Bush Era – Joseph T. Jockel

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