Glossary of French Terms

  • C’est tout? = Is that all?
  • à l’origine = originally
  • Moi aussi = Me, too
  • Vraiment? = Really?
  • encore = again
  • Tu voudrais…? = Would you like…?
  • Avec = with
  • Ce soir = tonight
  • Voilà = Here it is
  • bien sûr = of course
  • Tu sais pourquoi? = Do you know why?
  • Je ne sais pas = I don’t know
  • C’est le temps = It’s time
  • Parce que = because
  • En tout cas = In any case
  • C’est délicieux = It’s delicious
  • Ah, je vois = Oh, I see
  • Ce n’est pas vrai = That’s not true
  • C’est la même = It’s the same
  • Exactement = Exactly
  • Enfin = Finally
  • que j’adore = that I love

Acadian French

  • Ployes=Ployes are a buckwheat pancake or a crêpe that isn’t turned over. In France, a ploye is called galette de sarrasin, and in Canada, ployes are called plogues de sarrasin-they are thinner and flipped over.
  • Poëelonne=a skillet, in standard French, poêlon (slightly different pronounciation).
  • les bluets=blueberries; in standard French, les myrtilles.
  • les pommes de pré=literally, meadow berries, meaning cranberries; in standard French les canneberges.
  • les naveaux=turnips; in standard French, le navet.
  • Bockouite=buckwheat; in standard French, sarrasin or blé noir.
  • les patates=potatoes; in standard French, les pommes de terre.
  • la pâté=pie; in standard french, la tarte.
  • le grainage=berries, in standard French, les baies.

Think About It…(for family or class discussion)

1) Shared traditions help keep a family together, and recipes are part of those traditions. What special foods, festivals and holidays are part of your experience?

2) Why is it exciting and important that Josephine now has her family recipes?

Use your Newspaper (with maine Learning results applications)

Look at the weekly food insert in the newspaper. How many of the advertised foods are healthful and how many are not? Choosing from the advertised foods, prepare a healthful menu using the Food Guide Pyramid. (Health and Physical Education:Health Education.)

The Acadians in this story had relied on what they grew themselves-“hardy vegetables that could survive the frost.” In the food ads, find the ones that are not grown in Maine. Speculate about where they came from and how they got here. (Social Studies: Geography.)