Elementary History and Social Studies Curriculum Framework

Selected Teaching Canada Resources
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Where is Canada?

  • 4.17 On a map of North America, locate Canada, its provinces/territories, and major cities (G)


What is the geography of Canada?

  • 4.18 Describe the climate, major physical characteristics, and major natural resources of Canada and explain their relationship to settlement, trade, and the Canadian economy (G, E)

Totem PoleWho lives in Canada?

  • 4.19 Describe the major ethnic and religious groups of modern Canada (G, H, C, E)
  • 4.21 Identify the location of at least two First Nations tribes in Canada (e.g. Kwakiutl and Mi’kmaq) and an Inuit community, and describe their major social features (H, G)
  • 4.22 Identify the major language groups in Canada, their geographic location, and the relations among them (H, G)


What is the history of Canada?

  • 4.20 Identify when Canada became an independent nation and explain how independence was achieved (H, G)

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