Maps in Print

This is a suggested sample, based on positive comments made by teachers who are familiar with them.  If you are a teacher who can recommend other maps you like and use, let us know.


  • Nystrom Canadian Desk Atlas – ISBN: 0-7825-0587-2  – Paperback, 8 1/2 x 11, 168 pages.  Nystrom, Chicago, IL – The Nystrom Canadian Desk Atlas includes physical and political maps of large areas, regional maps of smaller areas, thematic maps, graphic presentations of data, and illustrative photographs.  Thoroughly covers Canada, while including other countries.

Wall Maps

  • Canada Map – ISBN: 1-55035-680-1 – Laminated, 20 1/2″ x 30″.   S&S Learning Materials, Canada – Color political and physical map.  Other charts by from this company include: Prime Ministers of Canada, Canada’s Capitals, Canadian Industries, Canadian Money, and Metric Measurement.
  • Unique Media Maps: Canada – ISBN: 0-921338-26-0 – Paper, 18″ x 27″.   Unique Media, Don Mills, Ontario – Hand drawn and painted in a watercolor technique to create a three-dimensional quality.   View is entire country, physical and  political, with illustrations of buildings at the locations of cities.
  • National Atlas of Canada Reference Map Series: Canada – 36″ x 43″. – Large, detailed, well labeled political map of entire country.