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Newspapers/Magazines On-line

  • JournalismNet – Hyperlinks to Canadian search engines, “How to find news in Canada”, “How to find media in Canada”, “How to find Canadian journalism news”
    Canadian newspapers
  • Online Newspapers – Lengthy alphabetical listing of every newspaper in Canada.

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Today’s News

  • Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) – Radio and television news, information, and entertainment. Live radio broadcasts available over the internet, television station schedules, news articles, links to feature stories.

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News Summaries

  • NEWSCAN – a weekly summary of selected Canadian news stories drawn from various Canadian news organizations.  Each article is a paragraph with a hyperlink to a full text version.  Newscan is produced by the Canadian Embassy Press Office, Washington, DC and e-mailed on Fridays.  To be added to the weekly Newscan email list, send request to:
  • News from the Canadian Embassy – Use the sidebar to find articles about economics, politics, government, business and other current topics.

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