Canadian-American Center News, UMaine's School of Business Offers Trip to Monteral (On the right is a picture of Montreal)

Maine Business School to Visit Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Stefano Tijernina, Canadian Studies Faculty at Maine Business School, will be conducting a field trip to Montreal, Quebec November 10-13, 2022 with students from his courses that focus on Canadian-U.S. economics and business. They will network with Concordia University’s business school and explore the business culture of Montreal via customer service, use of space, […]

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Canadian-American Center News, CAN 101 Goes to Fredericton New Brunswick (On the right is a picture of CAN 101 students and their professor)

CAN 101 goes to Fredericton, New Brunswick

Dr. Mark McLaughlin, department of History, and professor for the Introduction to Canadian Studies course at the University of Maine recently lead a course-related, weekend field trip to Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, Canada. Joining Dr. McLaughlin were students from his course, Dr. Howard Cody (professor emerita), and Dr. Hollie Adams from the department […]

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Building a Canadian-American Research Network to Support Small-Scale Fisheries and Community-Based Seafood Systems

Assistant Professor of Marine Policy, Joshua Stoll, of the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine received funding from the Canadian American Center to participate in the Local Catch Network’s 4th Local Seafood Summit in Girdwood, Alaska. Their forum “Building a Canadian-American Research Network to Support Small-Scale Fisheries and Community-Based Seafood Systems” was […]

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Annual UMaine-UNB International Graduate Student Conference

The UMaine-UNB History Graduate Student Conference is held annually during the Fall semester. Jointly hosted by graduate students at both universities since 1998, the conference site alternates every other year between the two campuses in Orono, Maine, and Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The conference offers a wonderful opportunity for History graduate students from the University […]

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Emerging Scholars Colloquium

Emerging Scholars Colloquium American Council for Quebec Studies (ACQS) In Baltimore 20-23 October, 2022 The ACQS invites proposals for papers for our Emerging Scholars Colloquium to be held in conjunction with our 2022 biennial convention. With the participation of the Association internationale des études québécoises (AIEQ) and the Canadian-American Center at the University of Maine, […]

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La littérature jeunesse en classe de français

‘La Littérature Jeunesse en Classe de Français’

‘’La littérature jeunesse en classe de français” Date : November 9, 2021 Time : 9:30 AM Where:   BIO : Sarah Bertrand-Savard détient une formation universitaire en études littéraires et culturelles et enseigne depuis plus de 10 ans le français langue maternelle et le français langue seconde ou étrangère. Elle est chargée de cours à l’Université […]

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