Work in Canada

BUNAC Work Abroad Program: Canada

Work Canada gives you the chance to spend up to six months living, working and traveling in Canada, gaining an international experience that’s close to home but distinctly different!

Work Canada offers you the opportunity to work in one of Canada’s outstanding ski areas in the winter, or experience big city life in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal year-round.   Summer options might include working in a Canadian coastal, mountain or lakeside resort.   Canada has much to offer, it’s easy to get there and participants can quickly settle into Canadian life.

Work Canada is a program authorized by the Canadian Government to allow US college/university students aged 18-30 to work and travel in Canada.   The Canadian sponsor is SWAP, Student Work Abroad Programs.   While you are in Canada, SWAP provides on the spot backup and support.

For more details, consult the BUNAC website:


Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP)


Americans Who Want To Work In Canada:

LIVE – WORK – PLAY – AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! Since 1975, SWAP Working Holidays has assisted students to experience working holidays in countries around the world. Now here is your chance to learn more about your northern neighbor! Authorized by the Canadian Government, Work in Canada is a program that allows American College and University students to travel and work in Canada for up to 6 months.

From your application process to your arrival in Canada, SWAP, through our network of travel offices in the U.S.,  will provide you with ongoing support and assistance to ensure your working holiday experience is a success.”

For more information, consult the SWAP website: