Program Details


  • Make an appointment to talk with Betsy Arntzen, Canada Year Coordinator. E-mail on First Class or phone 581-4225.
  • The next steps will be to choose a Canadian university, choose courses, and fill out a Canada Year Application.


  • Enrolled as an undergraduate at The University of Maine
  • Minimum grade point average: 2.5 – 2.7 for most Canadian universities.


Contact Betsy Arntzen at the Canadian-American Center to apply for Canada Year. She will talk over your plans with you, give you a checklist of steps, and guide you as you make arrangements.- Fill out a Canada Year application. Include a transcript, a statement of interest, and 3 academic references.- Once you choose a Canadian university, look on-line and select courses and have them approved by your advisor- Fill out forms for UMaine, and fill out an application for the Canadian university


There are three avenues for study at a Canadian University:


You pay tuition and Study Abroad fees to UMaine, and room and board to UNB. You may choose off-campus or on-campus housing. Exchanges are first come, first served.

  • University of New Brunswick
  • University of British Columbia (currently available only as Direct Enroll)


All Canadian universities are available to UMaine students who apply directly and who agree to pay the out-of-country rate for tuition.


  • When you review your finances for Study Abroad, take into account that the exchange rate is in your favor.
  • Your Financial Aid may be applied to any of these tuition options.

Contact the Canada Year Coordinator in advance of these deadlines. Some students plan a year or more in advance, however students who start at the beginning of the semester to pick up required forms and organize paperwork can meet the deadline.

To study in Canada for Fall Semester: ask for an application from the Canadian-American Center prior to January, and return all paperwork by March 1st

To study in Canada for Spring Semester: ask for an application from the Canadian-American Center prior to the second week in September, and return all paperwork by November 1st.

Note about applications and other forms: You will need to fill out application forms at UMaine for Study Abroad at the Canadian-American Center andat International Programs. And, you will need to fill out application forms for the Canadian university. Additional forms you will fill out will keep your place open at UMaine, and will allow your transcript to be sent back.

Once the application is submitted to the Canadian university, there is up to a two-month delay before hearing about your acceptance.

For more information or to borrow the International Students Handbook: A Guide to Study in Canada, contact Betsy Arntzen (207) 581-4225.