Contact information

Canadian-American Center

154 College Ave, Orono, ME 04473



  • Ph.D. University of British Columbia 1986
  • M.A. Honours, University of St. Andrews 1979

Research Areas

  • Historical Geography
  • Expansion of Europe overseas
  • Eastern Canada and northeastern United States
  • American cartography in the early 20th century


Fall 2021

  • GEO 212/HTY 212 Geography of Maine     
  • GEO/HTY 349 Early Modern North America in Atlantic Perspective
Spring 2022
  • ANT 490:  Seminar in North American Historical Geography
  • GEO 275/HTY 275: Geography of Globalization

Awards and Honors

  • John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize, American Association of Geographers, for Picturing America, 2018
  • University of Maine System Trustee Professor, 2016
  • Best “Book/Atlas” and “Best of Show,” Cartography and Geographic Information Society, for Historical Atlas of Maine, 2016
  • Maine Literary Award for Excellence in Publishing, Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, for Historical Atlas of Maine2016
  • Globe Award, American Association of Geographers, for Historical Atlas of Maine, 2016
  • Pierre Savard Award, International Council for Canadian Studies, for Surveyors of Empire, 2013
  • John Lyman Book Award in the category Naval and Maritime Science and Technology, North American Society for Oceanic History, for Surveyors of Empire, 2012
  • Publication of the Year Award, Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation, for Surveyors of Empire, 2012
  • Caird Short-term Research Fellowship, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, 2007
  • Cleo Award (Atlantic Canada), Canadian Historical Association, for Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton, 1993
  • Commonwealth Scholarship, 1979-1984


Stephen Hornsby - Picturing America
Stephen J. Hornsby Picturing America: The Golden Age of American Pictorial Maps. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press with the Library of Congress, 2017
Historical Atlas of Maine
Stephen J. Hornsby and Richard W. Judd, eds. Historical Atlas of Maine. Orono, ME: University of Maine Press, 2015
Surveyors of Empire
Stephen J. Hornsby Surveyors of Empire: Samuel Holland, J.F.W. Des Barres, and the Making of The Atlantic Neptune. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2011
British Atlantic, American Frontier
Stephen J. Hornsby British Atlantic, American Frontier: Spaces of Power in Early Modern British America. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 2005
New England and the Maritime Provinces
Stephen J. Hornsby and John G. Reid, eds. New England and the Maritime Provinces: Connections and Comparisons. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2005
Stephen J. Hornsby. Time and Tide: The Transformation of Bear River, Nova Scotia. Orono: Northeast Folklore, 1996
Stephen J. Hornsby. Time and Tide: The Transformation of Bear River, Nova Scotia. Orono: Northeast Folklore, 1996
Nineteenth Century Cape Breton
Stephen J. Hornsby. Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton: A Historical Geography. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1992
The Northeastern Borderlands: Four Centuries of Interaction
Stephen J. Hornsby, Victor A. Konrad and James J. Herlan, eds. The Northeastern Borderlands: Four Centuries of Interaction. Fredericton, NB: Acadiensis Press, 1989

Other Selected Publications

  • (with Margaret Pearce), “Making the Coming Home Map,” Cartographica 55, 3 (2020): 170-176
  • (With Graeme Wynn), “Eldorado North?” in The Nature of Canada, edited by Colin M. Coates and Graene Wynn, 101-121. (Vancouver, BC: On  Point Press, a UBC Press imprint, 2019).
  • ‘Geographies of the British Atlantic World’ in Britain’s Oceanic Empire: Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds, c.1550-1850, edited by H.V. Bowen, Elizabeth Mancke, and John G. Reid, 15-44.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
  • ‘Discovering the Mercantile City in South Asia: The Example of Early Nineteenth-Century Calcutta.’  Journal of Historical Geography 23, 2 (1997): 135-151.
  • ‘The Gilded Age and the Making of Bar Harbor.’  Geographical Review 83, 4 (1993): 455-469.
  • ‘Patterns of Scottish Emigration to Canada, 1750-1870.’  Journal of Historical Geography 18, 4 (1992): 397-417.
  • ‘Staple Trades, Subsistence Agriculture, and Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton Island.’ Annals of the Association of American Geographers 79, 3 (1989): 411-435.

Current Research and Writing

Book Manuscripts

  • Cod Coasts: Cultural Landscapes of the Cod Fishery from Cape Cod to Labrador (writing completed)
  • Cotton’s Ocean: Yankee Shipowners and the Trans-Atlantic Cotton Trade (writing in progress)
  • Twentieth Century American Popular Cartography (research in progress)
  • Editor of Martyn J. Bowden, Great Ports of the Mercantile Era (editing completed)