Canadian Student Feature – Abby Kraemer

The Canadian-American Center is creating an all-new spotlight for students from Canada! Here is our third student spotlight with Abby Kraemer. If you are a UMaine student from Canada and interested in being featured, contact the Canadian-American Center ( or
Amy Blanchard (

Abby Kraemer is a third-year undergraduate with a pre-med biochemistry major from Waterloo, Ontario. She is also a student-athlete playing on the women’s soccer team. Abby chose to study at UMaine for its athletic program. “My favorite thing about UMaine is the sense of community there is here on campus,” said Abby. Abby is a member of the Student Athletics Advisory Committee (SAAC), the Health Professions Club, and Partners for World Health.

Abby’s favorite thing about living in the United States is that it is very similar to Ontario, so it feels homey, although it is difficult being so far away from family. When asked what culture means to her, Abby said the idea of unity, being able to come together with like-minded people. Abby’s favorite American food is Panera Bread, and her favorite Canadian food is beavertails! After graduation, Abby hopes to play professional soccer wherever she can, and attend medical school either in the United States or Canada.

Interview conducted by Amy Blanchard