Canadian Student Feature – Mackenzie Wilson

The Canadian-American Center is creating an all-new spotlight for students from Canada! Here is our first spotlight with Mackenzie Wilson! If you are a UMaine student from Canada and interested in being featured, contact the Canadian-American Center or Amy Blanchard

Mackenzie Wilson is a senior with a double major in Kinesiology & Physical Education and French from Lasalle, Ontario. On top of that, she is a student-athlete for the Women’s Track & Field Team. Mackenzie chose to study at the University of Maine for its athletic program and because the atmosphere of Maine reminds her of Canada.

“My favorite thing about UMaine is the professors. I feel like I know them on a personal basis and can seek guidance from them,” said Mackenzie.

Mackenzie’s favorite thing about the United States is the opportunity and diversity of work. In
the future, she hopes to be an athletic coach in the U.S. Mackenzie speaks French fluently, and she feels culturally connected to the language. Canada is a naturally bilingual country, and she feels knowing French is important in respecting Québécois culture.

Even though she has lived in Maine since 2019, Mackenzie actively stays connected to Canadian
culture by studying French and consuming a lot of Canadian media. Mackenzie misses the food from Canada, especially cultural foods from Lebanon, Greece, and Italy. Her favorite American restaurant is Jersey Mikes, and she loves a good Swiss mushroom burger.

Mackenzie is undecided as to whether or not she will continue to live in the United States. She
says it would be nice to live in the New England area after she returns to Canada for grad school.

Interview conducted by Amy Blanchard