Cartographer Margaret Pearce Awarded a 2023 Guggenheim Fellowship

The Canadian-American Center at the University of Maine extends congratulations to independent cartographer, Margaret Wickens Pearce, who was recently named as one of 2023’s recipients of the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship under the Geography and Environmental Studies category. Pearce has worked extensively with the Canadian-American Center on cartographic projects producing maps such as They Would Not Take Me There: People, Places and Stories from Champlain’s Travels in Canada, 1603-1616 and Coming Home to Indigenous Place Names in Canada. 

The Guggenheim Foundation grants fellowships to “mid-career individuals who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts and exhibit great promise for their future endeavors.” The foundation receives roughly 3,000 applications each year, and only awards up to 175 fellowships.

“The fellowship will support my project about Mississippi River flooding in the context of an Indigenized river,” says Pearce. The project will follow her current work on a new map project in collaboration with the Canadian-American Center, which investigates climate change and its impact on northern Indigenous communities. To see some of Pearce’s recent projects, click here

The Canadian-American Center continues to celebrate Pearce’s successes and is proud to count her among its colleagues. To learn more about the fellowship, and to see a full list of the other awardees, please visit the Guggenheim Foundation website here.