Campus Master Plan

In 2009, a comprehensive Campus Master Plan was developed to serve as a roadmap for the development of the University of Maine campus for the next 20 years.

It provides direction toward realizing a sustainable vision for the institution, while honoring the University’s past and enabling the people who are responsible for its future.  It embraces opportunity and provides order, allowing campus planners to think outside the box, while recognizing that the box has a history that is valuable.  The master plan provides flexibility, specific enough to show the location and character of future development, yet general enough to accommodate programmatic changes and other inevitable adjustments.  It provides a basis for making sound but timely decisions, thus preventing uninformed decisions that may hinder the realization of the institution’s vision in the future.

The goals established by the University of Maine’s Campus Master Plan include:

  • recommending the best uses of the physical resources of the campus as they exist today
  • identifying opportunities and constraints for visual and functional improvement of the campus
  • improving the quality and aesthetics of the campus in order to attract and retain students, faculty and staff
  • providing a plan for future development of the campus to be used by trustees, donors, students, faculty, administration, staff, and city officials to address programmatic and demographic changes and funding opportunities
  • incorporating principles of sustainability to minimize any adverse environmental impacts, such as carbon emissions
  • enhancing alternative transportation
  • resolving issues of importance to the future of the campus
  • providing for the realization of the Strategic Plan and institutional vision
  • communicating the University’s mission through its environment
  • establishing a basis for the creation of periodic capital plans
  • enabling updates to keep the plan current and useful

Sasaki Associates Inc. worked collaboratively with the Campus Planning Committee in creating the University’s comprehensive Campus Master Plan. The Master Plan, under the direction of Greg Havens, a principal at Sasaki Associates, recently received the Merit Award for Excellence in Planning for an Established Campus by the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP).

SCUP Award site

SCUP presentation (pdf file)

Campus Master Plan Received Award

The Boston Society of Architects merit award for campus planning was awarded to the University of Maine for our Campus Master Plan.  Twenty submissions were reviewed and UMaine was one of three recognized.