Brand 101

The University of Maine brand — our promise — is crucial for visual identity and credibility. A well-defined and -executed brand creates a consistent, enduring message of quality, reliability, effectiveness and leadership. It can contribute to sustained support, both public and private; aid in recruitment of prospective students, faculty and staff; and help send a clear message about our impact on the state — and beyond.

UMaine’s brand benefits the people, programs and places in the university community, and helps constituents and those without affiliation clearly identify the institution and its mission. UMaine’s brand standards are guides to help members of the university community be part of the University of Maine brand. The goal is not to make all UMaine printed and online communication look identical, but rather as members of the same family.

In turn, consistent use of the standards shapes and strengthens institutional image, and increases the value and equity of the UMaine brand. While consistent use of the standards shapes and strengthens UMaine’s institutional image, effective and promotional implementation of our vision for the future will sustain that image. Instant recognition is only part of the goal in solidifying the UMaine brand; the ultimate goal is for our brand — and therefore image — to be sought after by new markets convinced of the credibility UMaine has stood for since 1865, and the leadership we will carry into the future.