MBMS    Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to apply their understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry and biology to explain the key principles of biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular and cellular biology. Courses: 280, 300, 322, 400, 455
  2. Students will be able to consistently develop strategies to produce accurate and/or feasible solutions to complex quantitative and qualitative problems.    Courses: 155, 460, 490, 491
  3. Students will demonstrate competency in the ability to work well both independently and collaboratively and to conduct, analyze, report research findings.    Courses: 150, 464, 490
  4. Students will exercise responsible and ethical conduct in scholarship and research demonstrating honesty, accuracy, efficiency, and objectivity while upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.        Courses: 460, 580/582
  5. Students will be able to successfully demonstrate synthetic and integrative thinking when applying the scientific method from development of a hypothesis, design and implementation of experiments, data analysis, to formation of plausible conclusions that are relevant to the field.    Courses: 464, 491
  6. Students will be able to effectively, clearly and accurately communicate both published and novel research findings in several ways, including but not limited to acquisition and maintenance of data records, written manuscripts, oral presentations and multimedia presentations as they relate to the current knowledge of the field.    Courses: 150, 580/582
  7. Students will demonstrate competent use of appropriate technology to observe and accurately characterize molecular and cellular phenomena.   Courses: 155, 441, 491