Welcome to the Brain injury, Education, and Rehabilitation (BEaR) Lab!

The goal of the BEaR Lab is to improve long-term outcomes after childhood brain injury by informing educational and rehabilitation supports and services. We are particularly interested in the domain of cognitive-communication and in populations at high-risk for experiencing a childhood brain injury. We most often approach our research from the perspective of speech-language pathology, but consistently engage with other disciplines to plan, conduct, and disseminate our research. We use behavioral, biometric (eye tracking and pupillometric), and qualitative methods to examine our research questions.

While the BEaR Lab strives to improve the lives of individuals who experienced childhood brain injury, we also strive to teach and mentor students from a variety of disciplines. For our trainees, we aim to:

  • promote a highly positive, collaborative team that is safe, inclusive, and respectful for research and professional development.
  • provide the resources, knowledge, and experience necessary to become an active member of the research process and a successful scientist
  • help you understand the connection between the research in our lab and educational and rehabilitation practices. 


Dr. Jessica Salley Riccardi is the principal investigator of the BEaR Lab. She joined the University of Maine in Fall 2022 in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.


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