Bananas FAQs

How did Bananas get his name?

In 1914, a tiny American Black Bear male cub, Jeff was presented to O.B. Fernandez, a former Old Town Police Chief and collector of wild animals. Fernandez, in turn, “loaned” the bear to the University of Maine in hopes that the ailing football team would get some good luck as a result of having the beast in their training quarters. The bear was first introduced that year at a football rally in preparation for the Colby game. As the tiny black entered the auditorium, the surprised crowd applauded enthusiastically. Thinking it the only proper thing to do, Jeff gratefully stood on his head; and the crowd went “bananas!”.

Is Bananas a boy or a girl? 

Bananas is a boy.

Who designed the first human bear suit?

Robert Smullin, Sigma Xi Chapter, Alpha Phi Omega

Who was the first human bear?

Robert Smullin, Sigma Xi Chapter, Alpha Phi Omega