BananasThe University of Maine mascot, Bananas T. Bear has been a part of the UMaine community since 1914. Bananas’ current caretakers are the fraternity brothers of Sigma Xi Chapter of Alpha Delta National and the former Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.

Frequently asked questions

How did Bananas get his name?
A small black bear cub named Jeff, born on the northeast slope of Mount Katahdin, was presented to O.B. Fernandez, a former Old Town police chief and collector of wild animals, in 1914. Fernandez loaned the bear to the university, where Jeff was introduced at a football rally. As the tiny black bear entered the auditorium, the surprised crowd applauded enthusiastically. When Jeff stood on his head, the crowd went “bananas” — giving rise to the name of all future UMaine bear mascots.

Is Bananas a male or female?
Bananas is a male.

Who designed and wore the first human bear suit?
Robert Smullin, Sigma Xi Chapter, Alpha Phi Omega