Welcome to the Office of Assessment

The purpose of assessment at the University of Maine is “to improve student learning.”  

In this short video, Caroline Noblet and Michael Wittmann discuss the importance of assessment at the University of Maine.

UMaine’s approach to comprehensive and meaningful system of learning assessment reflects the complexity of learning outcomes to be measured, and the unique needs of its diverse academic programs.   Based on a foundational premise that the primary purpose of the assessment system is to improve student learning, the Office of Assessment supports faculty who serve at the center of the process to determine the most appropriate data-based methods for their academic programs.  In contrast to those institutions that employ large-scale assessments, UMaine will use multiple sources of faculty-determined evidence to document the progress and achievements of our students and as its latin root assidere suggests, we believe assessment is a process that is done with and not to our faculty and students.

Core values for assessment at UMaine:

  • Assessment is important at the undergraduate, and graduate levels
  • Learning outcomes are created and endorsed by faculty and are reflections of what students know and can do
  • Student learning outcomes are measurable and reflect specific demonstrated skills that help us improve what and how we teach and how programs can best serve the needs of students
  • The data collected, the measures used, and the review process employed for decision-making lead to actionable results (i.e., data is collected to serve the purpose of improving future student & program outcomes)
  • The experiences of students after they graduate is a valuable source of information that can be used to reflect on curriculum and instruction