Basic Course

Advanced Course

ROTC is a four year program of college courses that are taken in addition to a student’s traditional workload. These classes develop a cadet’s leadership skills, values, and life skills to prepare them for success as Army officers or whatever path they take in life. The confidence and strength developed as a result of this training is a priceless commodity in today’s workplace, military, and community. Students can enroll in Army ROTC courses just as they would any other course, as long as they meet the below requirements.

Minimum Entrance Requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student working towards a undergraduate or graduate degree
  • Physically qualify
  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Must commission under the age of 39

Course Structure

The program is divided into two sections. The first and second years are known as the basic course and require no military obligation for non-scholarship cadets. The basic course consists of the MSL100 level classes and the 200 level classes which are one and two credits respectively. These courses establish basic skills required to succeed in today’s workplace and military such as effective writing, time management, and team building. Cadets are also required to attend routine physical training in the morning. The third and fourth years are known as the advanced course, cadets traditionally will sign an ROTC contract during their third year*. Cadets with prior military service or who participate in the Leaders Training Course (see summer training opportunities) may receive credit for the basic course. The advanced course consists of MSL300 and 400 level classes that are three and four credits respectively. The level of responsibility increases significantly for cadets in the advanced course as they are challenged to step forward and lead the battalion during the year. The focus in 300 level classes is on preparing cadets for the Leadership Development and Assessment Course, which they will attend traditionally between their third and fourth years (see summer training opportunities). The 400 level students focus on planning large training events, running the battalion, and preparing to commission and receive their first duty assignments.

For a more detailed description of the various MSL courses, click on the links at the top of this page.


*signing an ROTC contract obligates cadets to serve on Active duty for 3-4 years after commissioning or 6-8 years in the National Guard or Army Reserves after commission. Contracted cadets receive monthly stipends in the amount of $450/month as third year students and $500/month as fourth year students. Contracted cadets are required to participate in more training and adhere to University of Maine Army ROTC Policies and Cadet Command Policies. Contracted Cadets are expected to exercise good judgment and moral character both in uniform and out of uniform, on campus and off campus, as they represent University of Maine Army ROTC and the United States Army.