SAUNNA NRT Colloquium

This participatory colloquium is a central component of the SAUNNA NRT program.  It strengthens the interdisciplinary focus of our program by providing both trainees and faculty with an engaging discussion forum where they can

  • build a sense of research community
  • develop a shared understanding of arctic systems science through discussion of a set of core readings
  • develop a shared understanding of disciplinary methods, assumptions, and approaches as well as appreciation of the value of different “ways of knowing” across various disciplines

The colloquium meets two times per month, with most meetings devoted to discussion of papers from the set of core readings, and others devoted primarily to trainee presentations in an informal, lab-group format.

Departmental Seminar Series

Many of our participating departments and schools host engaging seminar and lecture series, with numerous events being relevant in some way to our core program goals.  We encourage our SAUNNA NRT trainees to attend as many relevant events as possible to assist in the development of a broad, integrated, and interdisciplinary view of systems approaches in arctic science.