ARI Intern Spotlight: Meghan Nadzam

Aquaculture Research Institute

Nadzam in intertidal zone off coast of New Hampshire. Photo credit: Meghan Nadzam.
By Meghan Nadzam

Stationed at UMaine Darling Marine Center (DMC) in Walpole, ME for the summer of 2022, Meghan Nadzam is the first communications intern for University of Maine’s Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI).

As a communications intern, Nadzam meets with ARI interns for interviews and coordinates photo and video opportunities at various aquaculture businesses. Interviews cover all aspects of each research project: species of choice, how a topic relates to aquaculture in Maine, daily routine for the student.

While covering the students’ summer research projects in her interviews, Nadzam gets to do what she loves best: enjoy and explore the outdoors.

“I’ve always had such a fascination for nature. It can be overwhelming at times how much can go on in a small petri dish or sample of estuarine sediment,” Nadzam says.

Originally from Akron, OH, Nadzam graduated early from Wittenberg University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Marine Science in winter 2021. Nadzam hopes to attend graduate school to earn her Master’s degree in 2023 to pursue her current passions for Disease Ecology and Marine Conservation.

Her interest in science and communications evolved in Nadzam’s undergraduate years at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. 

“I grew as a writer working at Wittenberg University’s newspaper, The Wittenberg Torch. Climbing the leadership ladder from reporter to Editor-in-Chief, I learned how to cover breaking news and how to formally interview faculty,” Nadzam says.

Wittenberg University‘s motto is, “Having Light, We Pass it On to Others.” Nadzam likes to carry those words with her as she works with the various ARI interns because she values the importance of passing knowledge on for future marine enthusiasts.

“I love to share the work of others and pass on what little stories I come upon. Especially when topics revolve around something that the intern and I find super cool, then it’s even more fun! We get to geek out together, bounce ideas off one another, and just marvel at the fact that we’re here, at the DMC, doing research about things we’re passionate about,” Nadzam says. “If it came down to it and an intern needed help in the field for a sample collection, my camera would go back in the bag. I love to get my hands dirty and work with critters, especially invertebrates. I’m here for the spontaneity.”

Periwinkle snail (Littorina spp.) off the coast of the Darling Marine Center surrounded by barnacles. Photo credit: Meghan Nadzam.

Damariscotta River off the coast of Darling Marine Lab. Photo credit: Meghan Nadzam.