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Ash Protection Collaboration Across Wabanakik

Introduction to the APCAW Workshop Series


March 6th, 1-2 pm. Virtual on Zoom.

Learning objectives: Welcome attendees into the series, introduce key organizers and point people for information, and present the schedule of programs. Introduce attendance and commitment expectations for participation. Show and share the website as a landing pad for all program and ash-related information. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. If there’s time, participants can introduce themselves to each other in small breakout groups using facilitation questions.

The Cultural Importance of Brown Ash


April 3rd | 1-2:30 PM | Register Here Tune in to learn about the evolving cultural, economic, and economic relationships Wabanaki people have to brown ash. This session will feature […]

Emerald Ash Borer and Ash Resilience Research

June 5th 1-2:30 pm | Virtual on Zoom. Access the recording here.  Understand current efforts to study ash resilience in the face of emerald ash borer. State employees will introduce […]