Rice Steamer


Blue Current Brewery Blue Current Brewery is a Maine business located in Kittery that hand crafts sake in small batches using traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients.

We worked with Dan Ford, the owner of Blue Current, to identify a good method for steaming Rice for his Sake brewery. Once we Identified the steam generation kettle we then designed a custom basket that would fit inside the kettle and matched some of the best options from designs that had been researched. Once the steam basket was designed in 3D CAD, we then worked with a local material supplier Lane Conveyors and Drives to supply the large outer tube. Once we had the outer tube, the AMC then fabricated the base and rings to strengthen and support the rice inside the basket. We tig welded the entire stainless steel basket together then polished. 

Dan’s experience with us: “We are so excited to have been able to partner with the AMC, John Belding, the engineering students, and Dr. Jason Bolton in the Food Science program. Their willingness to learn about our whole brewing process was invaluable in crafting a tool to match a centuries old technique and to ensure our rice is steamed properly. Partnering with the team throughout the process ensured the final solution, our awesome rice steamer, will serve our sake brewery for years to come.”

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