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Featured Books - Of Place and Gender: Women in Maine History

Of Place and Gender: Women in Maine History

Edited and with Introductions
by Marli F. Weiner

Of Place and Gender: Women in Maine History cover imageThis volume of fourteen essays on Maine women’s history fills a real need, helping to answer questions about what women were doing in local communities and highlighting their similarities and differences from women elsewhere. Maine women were sometimes in the forefront of change and sometimes lagged behind; most of the time they were preoccupied with the tasks of daily life, as were women in other parts of the world. However, the details of women’s activities at home and in the community, like the context in which they were done, helps to set Maine women apart. The essays in this volume offer insight into a rich variety of Maine women, some famous and some ordinary, some intent on changing their lives and their society and others struggling to survive, some confined by family and work to farm or village and others able to travel the world. Taken together, their stories enrich our understanding of Maine, of women, and of history.

480 pages, 6 x 9, with 43 illustrations and an extensive bibliography

Paperback, 2005; ISBN 978-0-89101-105-7; $24.95

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