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Nokkahigas: Champlain and the Meeting of Two Worlds

The Book:

Nokkahigas: Champlain and the Meeting of Two Worlds

Samuel de Champlain’s years of engagement between the French and the Amerindians are presented in an engaging and illustrated sequence in this 72-page, user-friendly book. On the right side of the pages, readers will find a thematic narrative; on the left hand side: carefully chosen annotated full color illustrations. Notes and select readings are included.

  • First concise biography of the explorer Samuel de Champlain.
  • Designed to serve the needs of the K-12 community and general public in the U.S.A.
  • Meets national and state standards

New France in the Champlain Valley 1609-1759

The Map:

New France in the Champlain Valley: 1609-1759

This map “New France in the Champlain Valley,” is inscribed with place-names and other geographical designations used by French explorers, soldiers and settlers between 1609-1759, a time when France claimed and settled the area that is now New York State and Vermont.

Both the book and map can easily be adapted to the social studies or the French language classroom.

The Author:

Joseph-André Senécal, Ph.D, born in Quebec city and now U.S. resident. As a professor of French language and literature at the University of Vermont, he offered courses on Québec culture and is presently completing a book-length work on the rise and fall of the settlement of Pointe-à-la-Chevelure (1740-1759), the southernmost advance of France along the New France-New England Frontier.


Price for Educators: $14.95


Published by the Center for the Study of Canada, Plattsburgh State University of New York

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