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The University of Maine houses some of the finest facilities on any campus in northern New England. There are four performance spaces under one roof, plus another within walking distance. We are proud to call the Class of 1944 Hall home.

1944 Hall


Hauck Auditorium

Hauck AuditoriumA 514-seat proscenium arch theatre. Main stage shows are produced in Hauck, as is the dance show. It is also used as a rental space for lectures and performances of music, theatre, and dance.


The Al Cyrus Pavilion TheatrePavilion

“The Pav” is an 89-seat ¾ round theatre. The Pavilion is on the National Registry of Historic Buildings and was renovated from a livestock judging space. Some departmental shows are produced in the Pavilion, but it is mainly used for thesis and other student productions, including the popular Underdog and Upperdog performances.

Minsky Recital Hall

MinskyA 276-seat recital hall, Minsky is primarily used by the Music Division for faculty recitals, ensemble performances and student recitals. The Theatre/Dance division occasionally uses the space for staging Emerging Dance Works and Readers’ Theatre events. The space is available for rental and is used by the Maine Center for the Arts for their chamber music series.

Collins Center for the Arts

Formerly the Maine Center for the Arts, our larger concerts are performed in this prestigious location, located next to the Class of 1944 Hall.

Black Box TheatreBlack Box

A simple, somewhat unadorned performance space built for experimental theatre. Renovated to be a space for classes and performances, it is meant for productions that need limited sets, simple lighting effects, and an intimate focus on the story, writing, and performances rather than technical elements. 100 seats.



Midi Lab

midiLabThe Design/Midi lab, located in the Class of 1944 Hall, recently doubled in size to include 21 computer stations equipped with software for sound processing, musical notation and sequencing, graphics, and lighting/set design.

The computer stations are split between the Mac and Windows platforms, and include current Dell computers running WindowsXP and G4s running OS X. Korg X5D Synthesizers are available for each station, and two master stations can project demonstrations, scanned images and videos to classes using the room.

Classes in the lab include courses in Digital Music, Piano Class, Marching Band Techniques, and Costume Design, while other classes in music theory and set design assign work to be completed in the lab.

Recording StudioRecording Studio

Recording Studio, located in the Class of 1944 Hall on the University of Maine campus in Orono Maine, the recording studio was installed Spring of 1998. It is set up to record in the Minsky Recital Hall as well as an auxiliary booth adjacent to the studio.

The main components of the system are a Mackie 24-8 mixing board and a Power Macintosh G4 with an Apple Cinema Display 20″ Flat Panel Monitor. Microphones include an AKG 414, two C1000, a D112 and SM57′s and 58′s. Effects include two dbx 166a compressor/expander/gates, a BBE 362NR Sonic Maximizer, a Studio Quad V2, a Lexicon Reflex Reverb and a Lexicon MPX-1 reverb/FX.

In addition to being used for professional recordings the studio is the focus of a Recording Arts class offered through the School of Performing Arts and Continuing Education division. The project for the first class was to make a master recording of a song to be commercially released and promoted nationally.

Dance Studio

Dance Studio

Scenic StudioScenic Studio

Located in Room 207 on the second floor of the School of Performing Arts, the large Scenic Studio (over 4,000 sq ft) has dedicated areas for wood construction, welding, and finish work such as paint. Rolling work tables and storage enable this space to be fully flexible to allow for a large set to be constructed and assembled here before being loaded in to Hauck Auditorium, accessed through a large (16’ square) garage door. The Scenic Studio has a full stage width paint frame for use in painting large drops and also has permanently installed dust collection and fume exhaust systems to support our fully equipped wood and metal shops.

Makeup Room

Makeup Room

Costume Shop

Costume Shop

Instrumental Rehearsal Hall

Room 100

Choral Rehearsal Hall

Choral Rehearsal Hall

Percussion Studio

Percussion Studio