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About Us

Dear Students, Educators, Alumni and Friends:

As you browse through our website, you will notice just how active our students and faculty members are in the performing arts. We are very proud of the education UMaine students receive, the wonderful plays, musicals, concerts and recitals given each year and the reputation and activities of the faculty. We believe strongly in our outreach programs and the many activities at the state, national and international levels of our students and faculty.

Our program prepares students for careers as performing arts educators or professional performers.

If you are a music educator, please remember that the School of Performing Arts, which comprises both divisions, is here to help you advance the performing arts in your communities and schools. We invite you to bring groups to attend our performances, contact us about your activities and let us know if a performance in your community would help to boost your local activities. As the flagship campus of the University of Maine System, we are dedicated to our mission of service to the citizens of Maine.

We would like to express thanks to all of you who have supported our programs over the years by recommending us to past and future students. Enrollments are at an all-time high and we appreciate your support. We always appreciate our friends and alumni who enjoy attending performances, too. For those of you interested in making a gift to benefit the School of Performing Arts, please visit the new College of Liberal Arts & Sciences website, join Patrons of the Arts, or contact us at any time.

We invite you to explore our website and visit us in Orono, Maine