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Instructors for the University of Maine R.A.D. program are members of the various divisions of UMaine Police Department. The program began in 1995 with only two instructors teaching the Basic Physical Defense Program. The program has expanded its number of instructors and course offerings to include Basic Self-defense as well as the Advanced Self-Defense option.

The R.A.D. Instructor believes that self-defense should be easy to learn, easy to retain, and easy to employ during real confrontational situations. The R.A.D. Instructor believes that self-defense training should be accessible and affordable for all women and children. They believe their efforts to oppose violence will be more effective together, than as individuals. As a network, the R.A.D. Instructor can assist one another with programs, equipment, references, experiences and insight. Because of their commitment to the R.A.D. program, they are able to offer a free return policy.