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Copier Program Handbook - Service

To ensure prompt response for all equipment under this program, we are providing the University with one dedicated service technician.

When you place a service call, a technician will call you within 60 minutes to confirm that your service call has been received. The technician will tell you when he/she will be there. Response time shall not be more than 4 business hours from the time call is placed.  All service calls should be completed within 24 (clock) hours after you place the call, i.e., your copier should be working.

Loaners: If, by chance your copier is not operational within 24 hours and you would like a loaner, one will be provided. You just need to ask your service technician to provide one. Loaner equipment may not be the same model as your copier, but you will be able to produce copies.


1-800-427-5936 and speak with David Webber 
   or   1-888-830-0282 to place an automated service call

Please Have Your Copier ID # Available


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