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Portable Device Detects Disease-causing Pathogens in Real-time

University of Maine researchers have designed a handheld device that can quickly detect disease-causing and toxin-producing pathogens, including algal species that can cause paralytic shellfish poisoning.

The device — a colorimeter — could be instrumental in monitoring coastal water in real-time, thereby preventing human deaths and beach closures, says lead researcher Janice Duy, a recent graduate of UMaine’s Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering. Duy is now conducting postdoctoral research at Fort Detrick in Maryland.

The research team, which includes UMaine professors Rosemary Smith, Scott Collins and Laurie Connell, built a prototype two-wavelength colorimeter using primarily off-the-shelf commercial parts. The water-resistant apparatus produces results comparable to those obtained with an expensive bench-top spectrophotometer that requires technical expertise to operate, says the research team.

The instrument’s ease of use, low cost and portability are significant, say the researchers. The prototype cost researchers about $200 to build; a top-shelf spectrophotometer can cost about $10,000.

A touch screen prompts users at each step of the protocol. Researchers say an Android app is being developed to enable future smartphone integration of the measurement system.

Duy says the device almost instantaneously identifies pathogenic organisms by capturing target RNA with synthetic probe molecules called peptide nucleic acids (PNAs). A cyanine dye is added to visualize the presence of probe-target complexes, which show up as a purple solution; solutions without the target RNA are blue.

The versatile instrument can also be adapted to detect other organisms. The researchers say, in theory, any organism that contains nucleic acids could be detected with the simple colorimetric test. They have verified the system works with RNA from a soil-borne fungus that infects potatoes.

The research team’s teaching and expertise spans several UMaine schools and departments, including Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, the Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, the Department of Chemistry, the School of Marine Sciences and the Department of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences. The Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provided funding for the project.

The instrument is being incorporated into fresh and marine water testing in the Republic of Korea and the researchers say they’ll give several devices to state officials to test and use in the field in Maine.

The researchers published their findings in the journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics.

Contact: Beth Staples, 207.581.3777

University of Maine Announces Fall 2013 Dean’s List

The University of Maine recognized 2,002 students for achieving Dean’s List honors in the fall 2013 semester. Of the students who made the Deans List, 1,610 are from Maine, 312 are from 27 other states and 80 are from 28 countries other than the U.S.

Listed below are students who received Dean’s List honors for fall 2013. Also available is a breakdown of the Dean’s List by Maine counties.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

Last First Name City State Country
Abbott Randy Greenbush ME  
Abrams Molly Cutler ME  
Achey Arron Newmanstown PA  
Achille Charlene Longueuil QC Canada
Acord Noell Richmond ME  
Adams Heather Winterport ME  
Adams Jefferson Hampden ME  
Adams Tanner Lewiston ME  
Adams Wilson Barrington RI  
Aguilar Elizabeth Lewiston ME  
Aguilar Timothy Bethel ME  
Ahern Joseph Bangor ME  
Albert Melissa Madawaska ME  
Albert Sarah Frenchville ME  
Albert Seth Old Orchard Beach ME  
Albert Timothy Veazie ME  
Alberts Kristen South China ME  
Alexander Scott Brunswick ME  
Alexandrou Yvette Alna ME  
Algeo Benjamin Raymond ME  
Alghamdi Adel Ras Tanura   Saudi Arabia
Allen Lindsey Hermon ME  
Alley Kimberly Bucksport ME  
Almaghasilah Ahmed Qatif   Saudi Arabia
Alruheem Abdullah Dammam   Saudi Arabia
Alshaeban Saeed Ras Tanura   Saudi Arabia
Alsuruj Ayman orono ME  
Altvater Natalie Perry ME  
Ames Brittany Cumberland Center ME  
Anastasoff Ashley Scarborough ME  
Andersen Shayne Holden ME  
Anderson Ashley Manchester ME  
Anderson Cameron Caribou ME  
Anderson Colleen Topsham ME  
Anderson Courtney Greene ME  
Anderson Eleni Portland ME  
Anderson Emily Weybridge VT  
Andle Joshua Bangor ME  
Anthoine Mark Lewiston ME  
Antle James Orono ME  
Areno Meagan Old Town ME  
Arritt Scott Bangor ME  
Asalone Kathryn Hampden ME  
Assoumou Kevin Kumasi   Ghana
Audet Scott Old Town ME  
Audibert Joshua Bangor ME  
Austin David Fairfield ME  
Ayes Armando Tegucigalpa   Honduras
Babineau Ariana Easton ME  
Bacon Quinn Dover NH  
Bailey Michael Orono ME  
Bailey Michael Waterville ME  
Baillargeon Lucas Old Town ME  
Baker Emily Bangor ME  
Baker Robert Bangor ME  
Baldwin Tionna Glenburn ME  
Ballanger Ashley Bancroft ME  
Ballard Matthew Newburgh ME  
Ballou Molly Skowhegan ME  
Bambrick Hannah Bangor ME  
Bann William Brunswick ME  
Bannister Hayley Concord NH  
Barberi Olivia Winterport ME  
Barclay Robert Essex Junction VT  
Barnard Linnea Auburn ME  
Barnes Johanna Bangor ME  
Barra Dominic Wells ME  
Barra Veronika Wells ME  
Barry Jean Bangor ME  
Bartlett Emily Hampden ME  
Bartlett Lucas Oakland ME  
Bassis Michelle Plainville MA  
Bate Elissa Holden ME  
Bates Trevor Westbrook ME  
Bauer Holly Portland ME  
Bayer Tayler Portage IN  
Beacham Gwendolyn Farmington ME  
Beal Caleb Machiasport ME  
Bean Justin Turner ME  
Bean Philip Sidney ME  
Bearce Clarence Milford ME  
Beaton Cordell Houlton ME  
Beauchemin Michelle Saco ME  
Beauchesne Julie Camden ME  
Beaudry Bethany Windsor ME  
Beaudry Zachary Searsport ME  
Beaulier Abbigale Berwick ME  
Beaupain Andrew Bangor ME  
Beauregard Christian Stratton ME  
Becker Christiana Old Town ME  
Beeckel John Augusta ME  
Beeskau Stephanie Kittery ME  
Begin Daniel Epping NH  
Begin Robert Saco ME  
Begley Nicole Windham ME  
Belanger Joseph Glenburn ME  
Belisle Haley Campbell Yarmouth ME  
Bell-Colfer Kyle Farmingdale ME  
Bellefleur Abby Auburn ME  
Bellinger Joshua Bethel ME  
Bemis Barbara Westfield MA  
Bender Shannon Cumberland RI  
Benedix Derek Mexico ME  
Bennett Alan Gray ME  
Bennett Jonathan Barrington RI  
Bennett Lauren Auburn ME  
Benoit Mitchell Cape Neddick ME  
Berenyi Kali Searsport ME  
Berg Alison Corinna ME  
Berger Brian Eddington ME  
Berger Olivia Bethel CT  
Berger Sophie Waldoboro ME  
Bergeron Audrey Orono ME  
Bergeron Brett Newmarket NH  
Berglund Kelly Hermon ME  
Beric Aleksandra Belgrade   Republic of Serbia
Beringer Emily Orono ME  
Berkey Zoe Duncan BC Canada
Bernard Kelsey Plymouth MA  
Bernard Whitney West Enfield ME  
Bernhardt Celina Bangor ME  
Berry Shawn Turner ME  
Berta Hannah Rockport ME  
Berube Macey Turner ME  
Berube Matthew Auburn ME  
Berube Maxwell South Portland ME  
Bhatta Abhinav Orono ME  
Bibb Tiana Jericho VT  
Bickford Katherine Cutler Bay FL  
Bickford Robert Milford ME  
Bijman Lisa BRANTFORD ON Canada
Billings Ryan West Paris ME  
Bilodeau John Harpswell ME  
Binette Felicia Auburn ME  
Bird Norah Orono ME  
Bisher Erika Hampden ME  
Bishop Katherine Frankfort ME  
Bishop Sarah Orono ME  
Bishop Tiffany Milo ME  
Bissell Anthony Brewer ME  
Bistri Donald Tirana   Albania
Biswas Sonia Brewer ME  
Bizier Thomas Livermore ME  
Blackburn Cody Cherryfield ME  
Blais Benjamin New Gloucester ME  
Blais Kayla New Gloucester ME  
Blakeman Hannah North Sutton NH  
Blanchard Brian Thorndike ME  
Blanchard Jessica Mt Kisco NY  
Blenk Kathryn Freeport ME  
Blood Emily Searsmont ME  
Bloss Amanda Litchfield ME  
Boardman Emily Wakefield RI  
Boardway Garrett Clifton ME  
Bobbe Victoria Bryant Pond ME  
Bodine Lauren Louisville KY  
Bodwell Jeffrey Brunswick ME  
Bohrer Isabel Bar Harbor ME  
Bois Kevin Westbrook ME  
Bolduc Eric Dixfield ME  
Bolduc Natalie Dixfield ME  
Bolster Katherine Walpole ME  
Bolte Ty Des Moines IA  
Bondeson Finn Woodland ME  
Bonin Jesse Boothbay ME  
Bonnanzio Anne Milford CT  
Bonnett Rebecca Bath ME  
Bonney Alicia Westbrook ME  
Bonney Megan Bethel ME  
Borer Mary Mariaville ME  
Boros Ottilia Old Town ME  
Bothen Ariel Mount Desert ME  
Bouchard Bryan Corinth ME  
Bouchard Haley Chapman ME  
Boucher Kimberly Madawaska ME  
Boulette Ariel Sabattus ME  
Bourgeois-Capozzi Daniel Bangor ME  
Bourget Lucas Auburn ME  
Bourgoin Natasha Van Buren ME  
Bourgoin Ryan Limington ME  
Bourque Blake Belgrade ME  
Boutin Monique York ME  
Bovie Marissa Vassalboro ME  
Bowden Abigail Sedgwick ME  
Bowen Nicole Fairfield ME  
Bowen Zachary Plaistow NH  
Bowman Alexis Waterville ME  
Bowser Torey Austinburg OH  
Boyman James Augusta ME  
Boynton Connor Orono ME  
Brackett Ashley Auburn ME  
Brackett Taylor Auburn ME  
Bradford Abigail Westport Island ME  
Bradica Meaghan STONEY CREEK ON Canada
Bradley Eben Scarborough ME  
Bragdon Austin Madawaska ME  
Bragdon Morgan Brewer ME  
Brakey Allison Bangor ME  
Brannigan Jack Chelsea ME  
Brasslett Jordan Hudson ME  
Breau Katherine Freeport ME  
Breed Kathryn Durham ME  
Brenner Shannon Casco ME  
Breton Gretel Greenville ME  
Brewster Megan East Waterboro ME  
Brigham Emilie Andover MN  
Briglio Justin Saulte Ste Marie ON Canada
Bristol Genevieve Etna NH  
Britton Eric Falmouth ME  
Broderick Sarah Ennis   Ireland
Brooks Emma Standish ME  
Brooks Erika Cushing ME  
Brown Abegayle Gorham ME  
Brown Austin Easton PA  
Brown Cameron Natick MA  
Brown Chelsea Bangor ME  
Brown Darren Westbrook ME  
Brown Erika Belfast ME  
Brown Joshua Orono ME  
Brown Kaylon Freeport ME  
Brown Nicole Lebanon ME  
Brown Robert Mount Vernon ME  
Brown Sage Winterport ME  
Brown Samantha Old Town ME  
Brown Timothy Topsham ME  
Brunton Mark Old Town ME  
Buck Daniel Bangor ME  
Buck Kelsey Chapman ME  
Buck Regan Sanford ME  
Bundy Mariah Bryant Pond ME  
Burbank Eric Boxford MA  
Bureau Destiny Glenburn ME  
Burgess Devin Waterville ME  
Burgess Mitchell Standish ME  
Burgos Aimee Bowdoin ME  
Burkhart Ryley Skowhegan ME  
Burne Courtney Topsham ME  
Burnett Hannah Ellsworth ME  
Burns Crystal Bangor ME  
Burns Danielle Whitefield ME  
Burns Nathan Whitefield ME  
Burns Rachele Gorham ME  
Burrows Daniel Haverhill MA  
Burton Lindsey North Yarmouth ME  
Buscemi Daniel Old Town ME  
Bussell Kelly Parkman ME  
Bussell Lucas Parkman ME  
Bussiere Joseph Lewiston ME  
Butler John Newport ME  
Butler Michael Lincolnville ME  
Butler Renee Hampden ME  
Buttarazzi Colin Arundel ME  
Buzzell Melissa Waterville ME  
Cain Devin Scarborough ME  
Calder Brittney Portland ME  
Campbell Brady Blenheim ON Canada
Campbell John Cape Elizabeth ME  
Campbell Jordan Holden ME  
Capella Craig Smithville NJ  
Caputo Nina Canaan NH  
Carfagno Henry Sangerville ME  
Carlson Benjamin Gorham NH  
Carlson Emily Dedham ME  
Caron Christina Dayton ME  
Caron Molly Holden ME  
Carpentier Bradford Windham ME  
Carr Jordan Veazie ME  
Carr Nicole Milford ME  
Carrier Melissa Steep Falls ME  
Carrier Tyler Barre VT  
Carson Casey Presque Isle ME  
Carter Hillary Gardiner ME  
Carter Jason Dedham ME  
Carter Nicklaus Franklin ME  
Casey Jillian Burlington MA  
Casey Shawn Veazie ME  
Casoli Jonna Waterboro ME  
Castagnetto Kyle Winslow ME  
Castiglia Rachel Eddington ME  
Castonguay Arianna Augusta ME  
Cavanaugh Meaghan Calais ME  
Cerretani Andrew Pelham NH  
Chalmers Jennifer Foxboro MA  
Champagne Rebecca West Gardiner ME  
Chandler Keith Hancock ME  
Chaney Rachel Portland ME  
Chang Lydia Petaling Jaya SL Malaysia
Chapman Molly Brewer ME  
Chartier Justin Dixfield ME  
Chase Brittney Glenburn ME  
Chase Caron Canaan ME  
Chase John Lee ME  
Chase Rachel Warren ME  
Chasse Alex Fort Kent ME  
Chavis Hannah Fairfield ME  
Cheetham Ashley Lisbon Falls ME  
Cheff Joseph Glenburn ME  
Chen FuFei Owls Head ME  
Chesley Benjamin Pittston ME  
Cheviot Marcella Washburn ME  
Chlosta Grace Kennebunk ME  
Choi Myungji Orono ME  
Choiniere Michael Brunswick ME  
Christian Emma Wakefield RI  
Chu Connor Winthrop ME  
Churchill Julie Fayette ME  
Cicero Joseph Douglas MA  
Claar Joseph Orono ME  
Clark Adam Bangor ME  
Clark Dallas Augusta ME  
Clark Hilary Poland ME  
Clark Jesse Calais ME  
Clark Kaitlin Standish ME  
Clark Sarah North Uxbridge MA  
Clark Shannon Westbrook ME  
Clark William Minot ME  
Clarke Kenneth Litchfield ME  
Clarke Mamie Sebec ME  
Claussen Rachel North Granby CT  
Clemens Bradley Bar Harbor ME  
Cliff Audrey Hermon ME  
Clifford Tiffany Clinton ME  
Cline Tyler Brewer ME  
Closson Andrew Hampden ME  
Cloutier Catharine Liberty ME  
Cloutier Emberly Niskayuna NY  
Cloutier Meagan Calais ME  
Cloutier Nathen Bowdoin ME  
Cloutier Shane Durham ME  
Cloutier Taylor Greene ME  
Co Aimee Orono ME  
Coan Jason Pittston ME  
Coer Brian Madison CT  
Coffey Emma Bangor ME  
Colburn Shelby Eddington ME  
Cole Avery Orono ME  
Cole Dylan Orono ME  
Cole Eric Sidney ME  
Cole Nikki Sidney ME  
Coleman Chaya Orono ME  
Coleman Ryan Orono ME  
Coleman Tyler Rockport ME  
Colfer Emily Manchester ME  
Collins Annie Caribou ME  
Collins Jacob Rockland ME  
Collins Karissa Carver MA  
Collins Kayla Caribou ME  
Colson Sierra Mount Desert ME  
Comaskey Lucy Brunswick ME  
Commeau Benjamin Corinth ME  
Comtois Emily Castine ME  
Conant Ryan Winthrop ME  
Conley Jared Old Town ME  
Conlin Sarah Bangor ME  
Connelly Meghan Wells ME  
Conner Aimee Bangor ME  
Conner Benjamin Steep Falls ME  
Connerty-Marin Zachary Falmouth ME  
Connolly Elizabeth Phippsburg ME  
Cook Abigail Fairport NY  
Cooledge Danielle Scarborough ME  
Cooper Nicholas Winthrop ME  
Copp Jason Madison ME  
Corbett Shane Buxton ME  
Cormier Jacqueline Sullivan ME  
Cormier Kayla Caribou ME  
Cosgrove Carly Bangor ME  
Cosgrove Jeri Bangor ME  
Costello Catherine Lexington MA  
Coston Katrina Bangor ME  
Cote Elizabeth Augusta ME  
Cote Kaitlyn Rumford ME  
Cote Robert Biddeford ME  
Courtney Alexandra Saco ME  
Courtney Amelia Saco ME  
Cousins Adam Sedgwick ME  
Cowan Kara Orrington ME  
Cowger Felicia Weston ME  
Cowperthwaite Robert Bangor ME  
Cowperthwaite Wesley Windham ME  
Cox Sean Bar Harbor ME  
Coyle Ciaran Lebanon NH  
Coyle Donncha Lebanon NH  
Coyne Alyssa Auburn ME  
Coyne Katherine Barrington RI  
Cramer Camille Milo ME  
Crandall Rebecca Houlton ME  
Crane Ashley Gorham ME  
Craven Sarah Winchester MA  
Crisafi Sara Somers CT  
Cromwell Jackson Westport Island ME  
Cronin Colby Sanford ME  
Cross Heather Barton VT  
Cross Jenna Bangor ME  
Croteau Kendall Hampton NH  
Crouse Heidi Milford ME  
Cullenberg E Kelton Chesterville ME  
Cumming James Manchester ME  
Cummings Kerry Westport Island ME  
Cunningham Luke Veazie ME  
Cunningham Taylor Beverly MA  
Curit Rachel Otisfield ME  
Curtis Amanda Freeport ME  
Curtis Caroline Virginia Beach VA  
Curtis Kimberly Winslow ME  
Curtis-Bray Nicole Waldoboro ME  
Cutting Kathryn Sebago ME  
Cyr Jordanne Bangor ME  
Cyr Nathalie Madawaska ME  
Czora Thelian Contoocook NH  
D’Amico James Brewer ME  
D’Antilio Kestrel Hartland ME  
Dagher Christiana Veazie ME  
Daigle Katrina Glenburn ME  
Damboise Shaunna Kents Hill ME  
Dana Cassandra Indian Twp ME  
Dana Ralph Perry ME  
Dandy Michael Orono ME  
Danforth Ashley Hampden ME  
Danforth Katherine Hampden ME  
Dang Khai Stillwater ME  
Dao Kent Biddeford ME  
Dao Kimberly Biddeford ME  
Dapice Coralie Brewer ME  
Darling Douglas Wells ME  
Davidson Emily Bangor ME  
Davis Brady Freeport ME  
Davis Elijah Palmyra ME  
Davis Jonathan Bangor ME  
Davis Joseph Dedham ME  
Davis Kelsey Deer Isle ME  
Davis Samuel Cape Elizabeth ME  
Day George Rumford ME  
Day Walker Lovell ME  
DeBlois Nicklaus Sidney ME  
DeForest Sally Brunswick ME  
DeLisle Allison Rome ME  
DeLong Katelyn Bangor ME  
DeRoche Katie Sanford ME  
DeRoy Joseph Gorham ME  
DeTellis Jeremie Rumford ME  
DeVoe Savannah Naples ME  
Deakin Joshua Medway ME  
Dean Audrey Lincoln ME  
Dean Chelsea Seabrook NH  
Deane Zachary Orono ME  
Decker Daniel Dover Foxcroft ME  
Dee Nathan Bangor ME  
Dehetre April Sanford ME  
Delcourt Katie Biddeford ME  
Demerchant Craig Kenduskeag ME  
Denbow Chad Lubec ME  
Dendinger Reuben New Orleans LA  
Deschaine Jonathan Dedham ME  
Deshon Jacquelyn Dover NH  
Desrochers Spencer Biddeford ME  
Devers Connor North Attleboro MA  
Devine Kristina Orland ME  
Devoe Nathaniel Fort Fairfield ME  
Devou Jessica Levant ME  
Dewey Hannah Southwest Harbor ME  
Dewey Marley Falmouth ME  
Dexter Melissa Old Town ME  
Dezso Lisa Old Town ME  
Dhuy Allison East Millinocket ME  
DiBello Kristen Lewiston ME  
DiBenedetti Amanda Washington ME  
DiGiovanni Vincent Belmont MA  
DiLorenzo Britnee Hollis ME  
DiPhilippo Isabella Scarborough ME  
DiPompo Brittany Jay ME  
DiPrisco Chad Springvale ME  
Dickey Amanda Norridgewock ME  
Dickey Grant Olney MD  
Dickinson Jaden Skowhegan ME  
Diehl Abigail Gray ME  
Diemer Trevor Freedom ME  
Dimick Taylor Portland ME  
Dionne Margaret Glenburn ME  
Dixey Sabrina York ME  
Dixit Dilasha Old Town ME  
Do Anh Hanoi   Vietnamnam
Doman Steven Portland ME  
Dong Hong Yi Paco   Philippines
Donovan Laura Veazie ME  
Dood Megan Readfield ME  
Dooling Kelly South Portland ME  
Doty James Ellsworth ME  
Douglass Kristen Orono ME  
Dow Lillian Millinocket ME  
Dow Rachel Mapleton ME  
Downer Tori Cape Elizabeth ME  
Doyer Olivia Mechanic Falls ME  
Doyle Frances Stockton Springs ME  
Doyle Julia Reading MA  
Doyon Emily Biddeford ME  
Dragon Benjamin Orrington ME  
Drazhi Albano Tirane   Albania
Drouin Derek Turner ME  
Drown Jordan South Portland ME  
Drysdale Melissa Eliot ME  
Dubay Simone Dover NH  
Dube Cecilia Winterport ME  
Dubois Jeffrey Norway ME  
Dubois Shannon Bangor ME  
Dubuc Nate Windham ME  
Duddy Samuel Cape Elizabeth ME  
Dufresne-Dixon Marie Auburn ME  
Dugal Renee Augusta ME  
Duggan Michael Acton MA  
Duguay Sage Waterville ME  
Dumas James Lewiston ME  
Dumas Kevin Old Town ME  
Dumas Patrick Gray ME  
Dunbar Elizabeth Southwest Harbor ME  
Duncan Christian Corinth ME  
Dunn Avery Dayton ME  
Dunn Caroline Auburn ME  
Dunn Nathan Berwick ME  
Dunning Matthew Orrington ME  
Dunphy Megan Pittsfield ME  
Dunton Samantha Winterport ME  
Dupuis Lynsie Rumford ME  
Durant Jason Brownville ME  
Dutil Ryan Winslow ME  
Duym Olivia Trenton ME  
Dwyer Mark Bangor ME  
Dyer Emily Bristol RI  
Dyer Guthrie Portland ME  
Dziegiel Brandie Southwest Harbor ME  
Eaton Layla Sunset ME  
Edgerton Rashon Brunswick ME  
Edwards Ashley West Suffield CT  
Edwards Christie Scarborough ME  
Edwards Kelly Pownal ME  
Elder Hannah Edgecomb ME  
Eldridge Erin Brunswick ME  
Eldridge William Gorham ME  
Elie Thomas Lewiston ME  
Elliott Megan Brunswick ME  
Ellsworth Naomi Greenwood ME  
Elmer Casey Northfield VT  
Elwell Abigail Hartland ME  
Elwell Amber Spruce Head ME  
Elwell Caleb Hartland ME  
Emajoe Liis Tallinn   Estonia
Emery Rachel Milo ME  
Engroff Aaron Orrington ME  
Ennamorati Julianna Waldoboro ME  
Enriquez Garcia Ildara Vigo 36 Spain
Errico Lauren Kennebunk ME  
Erwin Rosaleen Brunswick ME  
Eslin Allyson Bangor ME  
Espling Kristen New Sweden ME  
Estrup Andrew Kennebunk ME  
Eugley Sarah Lewiston ME  
Evans Alessandra Milford ME  
Evans Andrea Milford ME  
Fahey Ryan Braintree MA  
Fairfield Benjamin Westport Island ME  
Fallon Lauren Milton MA  
Farley Ryan Freeport ME  
Farnsworth Theodore Cape Elizabeth ME  
Farr Allison Cumberland Center ME  
Farrell Bridget Orono ME  
Farrell Elizabeth Old Town ME  
Fasano Robert Jefferson ME  
Faucette Jill Saco ME  
Federico Jennifer Glenburn ME  
Feldmus Chelsey West Enfield ME  
Fellows Ryan Readfield ME  
Femia Kristi South Salem NY  
Ferry Shauna Bowdoinham ME  
Ferszt Jerry Caribou ME  
Feuka Abigail Perry MI  
Field Magalloway Stratton ME  
Fields Lindsey Winterport ME  
Filipov Petar Cape Elizabeth ME  
Findlen Paige Freeport ME  
Finn Cullen Kennebunk ME  
Fish Amy Mountville PA  
Fiske Peter Norwood MA  
Fitzgerald Ashley Franklin MA  
Fitzpatrick John Brunswick ME  
Fitzpatrick Kelsey Houlton ME  
Fitzpatrick Shannon North Yarmouth ME  
Flanagan Ryan Farmington ME  
Flanders Jessyca Brewer ME  
Flanders Rebekah Dover Foxcroft ME  
Fleming Kara Bangor ME  
Fletcher Jennifer South Portland ME  
Flora Matthew Presque Isle ME  
Flynn Allison Kittery Point ME  
Flynn Brian Rocky Hill CT  
Foehrenbach Frances Orono ME  
Fogarty Brittany Houlton ME  
Fogg Kailey Old Orchard Beach ME  
Folan Molly Gorham ME  
Folger Chelsea South Berwick ME  
Folsom Alison Saco ME  
Foote Sean Stony Brook NY  
Forbes Calvin Augusta ME  
Ford Natasha Vancouver BC Canada
Ford Sarah Londonderry NH  
Forman-Stiles Amelia Franklin ME  
Forsythe Kyle Harrison ME  
Fortier Megan Windham ME  
Fortier-Brown Colby Randolph ME  
Fortin Christina Hampden ME  
Fortin Michaela Jefferson ME  
Foster Andrew Jefferson ME  
Foster Ethan Jefferson ME  
Foster Jacob Athol MA  
Fouchereaux Claire Yarmouth ME  
Fournier Andrew Bangor ME  
Fowlie Kyle Rockland ME  
Fox Kendra Fryeburg ME  
Frame Taylor Belgrade Lakes ME  
Freeman Jessica Bangor ME  
Freeman Lauren Holden ME  
Freeman Maxfield Portland ME  
Freeman Melissa Winslow ME  
Frey Derek kenduskaeg ME  
Frey Heather Prospect ME  
Fricks Joseph Orono ME  
Fried Nicholas Millerstown PA  
Frisk Thomas Bangor ME  
Frizzell Cormick Colebrook NH  
Frost Sarah Franklin ME  
Fuhrer Joshua Veazie ME  
Fulford Jonathan Kennebunk ME  
Fullmer Logan Lebanon PA  
Gagne Eliot Westbrook ME  
Gagne Jordan Manchester NH  
Gagne Kelly Springvale ME  
Gagnon Kristen Haverhill MA  
Gagnon Victoria Madawaska ME  
Galante Daniel York ME  
Galgano Elise Cape Elizabeth ME  
Gallagher Paige BEDFORD NS Canada
Galle Nathan Kittery ME  
Garrity Carolyn Trumbauersville PA  
Gass Katelyn East Waterboro ME  
Gatchell Amber Franklin MA  
Gatti Jonathan Portland ME  
Gaudet Allison Bangor ME  
Gay Colin Kansas City KS  
Gaylord Charlotte Auburn ME  
Geldermann Hallie Bristol NH  
Gendreau Deejay Madawaska ME  
Georges Marie-Laurence Port-au-Prince   Haiti
Gerchman Logan Denmark ME  
Germanakos Adrienne Lynbrook NY  
Gerow Gabriel Glenburn ME  
Ghergia Daniel Holden ME  
Gibbons Amanda Saco ME  
Gibbs Wendy Brooks ME  
Gilbert Christine Furlong PA  
Gilbert Christopher Falmouth ME  
Giles Lindsey Bangor ME  
Gillette Catherine Brownfield ME  
Gillies Chelsea Brewer ME  
Girard Michele North Yarmouth ME  
Giroux Brendon Richmond VT  
Giroux Kira Orrington ME  
Glaser Harrison Oak Brook IL  
Glazier Jonathan Bangor ME  
Glidden Brooke Palermo ME  
Goding Natalie Livermore Falls ME  
Goggin Jason South China ME  
Gold Zachary Bass Harbor ME  
Goldshein Laura Orono ME  
Gonnella Edward Old Town ME  
Gonyar Ryan Bangor ME  
Good Brittany Presque Isle ME  
Good Kaitlin Houlton ME  
Good Logan Presque Isle ME  
Goode Andrew Boothbay ME  
Goodin Joseph Orono ME  
Goodine Lauren Woodville ME  
Goodney Christopher Henderson NV  
Goodridge Allison Bowdoin ME  
Goplerud Elise Lexington MA  
Goranson Hillary Cumberland ME  
Gordon Taylor Lincoln ME  
Gordon-Magro Ciara Bangor ME  
Gorham Tanika Lewiston ME  
Gori Lindsey South Berwick ME  
Goss Michael Mechanic Falls ME  
Gosselin Tayelor Greene ME  
Gottlieb Benjamin Boothbay ME  
Gottlieb Kathryn Boothbay ME  
Gould Joseph Whitefield ME  
Goupille Kyle Presque Isle ME  
Gowen Hannah Westbrook ME  
Gower Abigail Whitefield ME  
Graham Kelly Merrimack NH  
Gramse Stephanie Falmouth ME  
Granger Aeleah Gray ME  
Grant Elizabeth South Portland ME  
Grant Justin Lisbon Falls ME  
Grant Rebecca Parkman ME  
Graves Shannon Hermon ME  
Gray Adam Northeast Harbor ME  
Gray Angela Orono ME  
Gray Corey Orono ME  
Greeley Sean Bowdoinham ME  
Greenberg-McDonald Emma Bangor ME  
Greene Nicole Winslow ME  
Greenwood Courtney Falmouth ME  
Gregory Steven Millinocket ME  
Griffeth Chelsea Caribou ME  
Grillo John Kennebunk ME  
Grindle Abby Old Town ME  
Grissinger Alexa Elkins Park PA  
Gross Evelyn Windham ME  
Gross Taylor Exeter ME  
Grover Melinda Newburgh ME  
Guild Cameron Manchester ME  
Guillow Emily Hampden ME  
Guilmette Katelyn Coventry RI  
Guo Mengting Orono ME  
Guptill Jennifer Vinalhaven ME  
Guralnick Jacob Ann Arbor MI  
Gurney Mercedes Rumford ME  
Gusmini Shannon Natick MA  
Gustafsson Mikaela Sodertalje   Sweden
Gustin Morgan Merrill ME  
Gustin Vance Merrill ME  
Gutow Thomas Castine ME  
Guzzi Dante Boothbay ME  
Ha Ji-hye Old Town ME  
Hackett Ashten Auburn ME  
Hadyniak Kyle Freedom ME  
Hale Ellin Phippsburg ME  
Halfman Maggie Fond Du Lac WI  
Hall Catherine Bangor ME  
Hall Jessica INGERSOLL ON Canada
Hall Patrick Glenburn ME  
Haller Taryn Mystic CT  
Hallinan Robert Boothbay Harbor ME  
Hamami Efrat Lexington MA  
Hamilton Abraham Whitefield ME  
Hamilton Annabelle NORTH VANCOUVER BC Canada
Hamilton Jessica Orono ME  
Hamm Emma Searsmont ME  
Hammond Christopher Hampden ME  
Han Lu Anshan 21 China
Hand Samantha Brewer ME  
Handrahan Sophie Anson ME  
Haney Diana Fairfield ME  
Hannan Danielle Old Town ME  
Hanson Benjamin Bangor ME  
Hanson Brittany Fairfield ME  
Hanson Erik Hampden ME  
Hanson Katelynn Bucksport ME  
Hanson Kyle Oakland ME  
Hardiman Ryan Brookline MA  
Harding Drew Barre VT  
Harding Margaret Ellsworth ME  
Hardy Jessie Bangor ME  
Haritos Nicholas Kennebunk ME  
Harkins Matthew Bernard ME  
Harnden Jodi Wilton ME  
Harrigan Ashley Brewster MA  
Harrington Danielle Milford ME  
Harrington Dylan Bath ME  
Harrington Katherine Cumberland Center ME  
Harrington Samantha North Pomfret VT  
Harris Katrina Ellsworth ME  
Harrison-Billiat Neal Appleton ME  
Hart Haley Methuen MA  
Hart Nicholas Farmington ME  
Hartford Alexander Jay ME  
Hartin Shelby Orono ME  
Harvey Naja Saint Paul MN  
Hashey Nicolette Hermon ME  
Haskell Lyndsey Nashua NH  
Hastings Thomas Bear DE  
Hatch Jacob Portland ME  
Hatch Jessica Bradley ME  
Hatch Samuel Litchfield ME  
Hatt Meghan Ellsworth ME  
Hawkins Tabatha Norway ME  
Haws Matthew Hampden ME  
Hay Ian West Roxbury MA  
Hayden Abigail Surry ME  
Hayford Andrew Cape Neddick ME  
Haynes Megan Rochester MN  
Heald Sarah Clinton ME  
Hebert Benjamin South Berwick ME  
Hebert Michael Portland ME  
Hegarty Holly Dixmont ME  
Heideman Wayne Allentown NJ  
Heikkinen Mikael Auburn ME  
Hein Katy Holden ME  
Heinbaugh Kayla Hampden ME  
Heise Anna Halle Wettin ST Germany
Heithoff Banton Oldwick NJ  
Helderman Leo Madison ME  
Helfen Erin Brewer ME  
Helm Megan Palermo ME  
Helmick Cory Old Town ME  
Helsor Logan Lincoln ME  
Hendershot Evan Durham ME  
Henderson Zackary Bangor ME  
Heno Timothy Franklin MA  
Herlihy John Brewer ME  
Hernandez Marcy Houlton ME  
Hernandez Nathaniel Auburn ME  
Herrick Robert Topsham ME  
Herrick Ryan Bowdoin ME  
Hersom David Turner ME  
Hickey Chelsea Cumberland Center ME  
Higgins Lucas Waterville ME  
Higgins Meave Hampden ME  
Hillier Todd Bangor ME  
Hilt Abigail Warren ME  
Hilt Samantha Union ME  
Hilton Bobbi North Berwick ME  
Hoak Sarah Cambridge ME  
Hodgdon Brandelyn Dennysville ME  
Hoey Isaac Searsmont ME  
Hoffman Jennifer Chagrin Falls OH  
Hoffman Melissa Madison CT  
Hoffmann Thomas Hampden ME  
Hogan Sarah Falmouth ME  
Holbrook Sarah Fort Fairfield ME  
Holland Lauren Canterbury CT  
Holman Johanna Hallowell ME  
Holmes Cameron Bangor ME  
Hood Leslie Bangor ME  
Hope Meghan Bangor ME  
Hopkins Kendal Blue Hill ME  
Horne Molly Holden ME  
Horowitz Laura Pittsfield ME  
Horton Courtney Newport ME  
Howard Aubrie Fryeburg ME  
Howard Colleen Cape Elizabeth ME  
Howard Kenneth Greenvlle Jct ME  
Howard Melissa Nobleboro ME  
Howe Emily Bangor ME  
Howe Maeghen Biddeford ME  
Howe-Poteet Dimitrje Bangor ME  
Howell Anne Union ME  
Hoxie Tyler Brewer ME  
Hoyt Allison Concord NH  
Hoyt Chase Orono ME  
Hoyt Corrin South Berwick ME  
Hudgens Miranda Bangor ME  
Huff Melissa Hudson ME  
Hughes Joshua Glenburn ME  
Hulst Colin Scarborough ME  
Hunnewell Joshua Alexander ME  
Hunt Mary Bucksport ME  
Hunter Haley Caribou ME  
Hupper Afton Owls Head ME  
Hurley Michael Sanford ME  
Hurley Nicole Standish ME  
Huston Cameron Washburn ME  
Huston Logan Hampden ME  
Huston Marlee Bangor ME  
Hutchins Lindsey York ME  
Hutchins Travis Winthrop ME  
Hutchinson Britni Turner ME  
Hutchinson Kathleen New Gloucester ME  
Hutchinson Kyle Dixfield ME  
Hutchinson Samantha Turner ME  
Iannazzi Angelina Hampden ME  
Idman Rebecca Walpole MA  
Ingram Alexander Winthrop ME  
Inkova Diana Orono ME  
Iselborn Lucy Scarborough ME  
Isherwood Corey Holden ME  
Jackson Teaka Manchester ME  
Jacques Brady Yarmouth ME  
Jacques Daniel Durham ME  
Jacques Katelyn Lewiston ME  
Jakubow Nicole New York NY  
James Allison York ME  
Jamo Kristina East Millinocket ME  
Jandreau Darin Madawaska ME  
Janeczek Kathryn Westford MA  
Jensen Alexander Granton WI  
Jewell Andrew Concord NH  
Jewett Keith Fayette ME  
Jipson Kelsey Hancock ME  
Johnson Benjamin Yarmouth ME  
Johnson Brooke Norridgewock ME  
Johnson Samantha Randolph Center VT  
Johnson William East Montpelier VT  
Jollotta Kyle Sanford ME  
Jones Christopher Biddeford ME  
Jones Hannah Flintshire   United Kingdom
Jones Ian Canton CT  
Jones Katie Bangor ME  
Jones Kayla Freedom ME  
Jones Lauren Orono ME  
Jones Nathan Freeport ME  
Jones William Falmouth ME  
Jones William Portsmouth NH  
Jordan Anna Waltham ME  
Jordan Merissa Lincoln ME  
Jordan Samuel Camden ME  
Joyce Joelle Rockland ME  
Jugovic Iva Leskovac   Republic of Serbia
Jurson Katherine Bangor ME  
Kaiser Lauren Winthrop ME  
Kaiser Rebecca Biddeford ME  
Kalter Kaitlin North Clarendon VT  
Kaluzny Kayla CALGARY AB Canada
Kamm Nathanael Caribou ME  
Kandiko Lindsey Madison ME  
Kane Ashley Saco ME  
Kane Hilary Concord NH  
Kane Jacob Hancock ME  
Kaplan Ruth Bangor ME  
Kaplan Toni South Berwick ME  
Karam Noah Bangor ME  
Karno Rachel Farmington ME  
Karod Jennifer Rockport ME  
Karunasiri Charm Caribou ME  
Kashkooli Kimia Glenburn ME  
Kaspala Adam Surry ME  
Kaspala Garrett Surry ME  
Kavin David Old Town ME  
Keaton Katherine Caribou ME  
Keefe Samuel Ellsworth ME  
Keefner Nicole Great Barrington MA  
Keene Leaha Gorham ME  
Kehoe Kelsey Wilder VT  
Keim Loren Dixfield ME  
Kelley Matthew Hampden ME  
Kelliher Bartley Old Town ME  
Kelly Madeline Dover-Foxcroft ME  
Kelly Nellie Boothbay ME  
Kendall Lena New Sharon ME  
Keniston Andrew South Paris ME  
Kennedy Sara Stetson ME  
Kenney Josie Colebrook NH  
Kenney Tyler Bangor ME  
Kent Thomas Eliot ME  
Kepner Emily Nashua NH  
Kerkhoff Mackenzie Springfield MA  
Kerschensteiner David Kennebunk ME  
Kiah Robert Holden ME  
Kiffney Grace Portland ME  
KilCommons Gregory Medfield MA  
Kim Yongil Seoul   Korea, Republic of
Kinee Joseph Philadelphia PA  
King Emily Westfield MA  
King Ryan Bangor ME  
King Timothy Medway MA  
Kingston Anthony San Diego CA  
Kinney Morgan Bowdoin ME  
Kinnon Shane Malden MA  
Kluge-Edwards Leona Casco ME  
Kmetz Emily Groton MA  
Knight Christian Biddeford ME  
Knight Hannah Dixfield ME  
Knowlton Audrey Oakland ME  
Knox Keenan Sidney ME  
Kobrock Emily Gardiner ME  
Koenig Natalie Durham ME  
Koizar Sigrid Vienna   Austria
Kolmar Philip Saco ME  
Konz Caraline Shrewsbury MA  
Koplovsky Aiden Duxbury MA  
Koss Aaron Montpelier VT  
Kowalsky Makaila Colchester CT  
Kramer Ira Veazie ME  
Krapf Deanne Bangor ME  
Kress Aaron Liberty ME  
Kreyssig Stephannie Littleton ME  
Kritzman Gregory Topsham ME  
Kuniholm Ian Portland ME  
Kurzius Julia Dover Foxcroft ME  
Kus Evan Gardiner ME  
Kuun Sierra Kennebunkport ME  
Kwok Samantha Cape Neddick ME  
L’Abbe Eve Laval QC Canada
L’Abbe Joanie Leval QC Canada
LaBonty Matthew Scarborough ME  
LaBrecque Julianne Orono ME  
LaFollette Maryanne Orono ME  
LaPlante Rhiannon Skowhegan ME  
LaRose Stefan Cape Elizabeth ME  
Labbe Meaghan Saco ME  
Labonte Christian Lewiston ME  
Lachance Cody Winslow ME  
Lachapelle Izaak Norridgewock ME  
Ladd Hannah Somerville ME  
Ladd Kasey Harmony ME  
Laggis Alexandra Fairfield VT  
Lajoie Conner Yarmouth ME  
Laliberte Angeline Jackson ME  
Lalime Jill Bangor ME  
Lamar Tyler North Conway NH  
Lamb Jordan Shapleigh ME  
Lamb Trevor Lowell MA  
Lamb-Wotton Lukas Lewiston ME  
Lambert Mary Orono ME  
Lambert Paula Winterport ME  
Lambrecht Mary Kittery Point ME  
Lamond Lucas Brewer ME  
Landl Victoria Spencerport NY  
Landry Cain Saco ME  
Landry Drew Saco ME  
Lane Craig York ME  
Lane Evan Old Town ME  
Lange Sarah Brattleboro VT  
Langlais Priscilla Cranston RI  
Langley-Wolf Alyssa Surry ME  
Langlois Brooklyn Steinbach MB Canada
Lapham Katrina Belfast ME  
Laplante Eric Van Buren ME  
Lataille Sophia Hampden ME  
Lavallee Kaitlyn Cumberland ME  
Lavallee Mark Dunstable MA  
Laverriere Danielle Orono ME  
Lavery Kathryn Bedford NH  
Lavin Thomas Waterville ME  
Lavoie Vanessa Van Buren ME  
Lawlor Mallary Smyrna Mills ME  
Lawson Nicholas Sudbury MA  
Le Hoang Anh Hanoi   Vietnam
LeBlond Paige Lewiston ME  
LeBrun Evan Madison ME  
LeClair Kimberly Dayton ME  
LeVasseur James Stillwater ME  
Leary Colin Saco ME  
Leary Patrick Saco ME  
Leask Samuel Bath ME  
Leavitt Bethany Newburgh ME  
Lebel Samuel Winterport ME  
Leclerc Stephanie Camden ME  
Ledoux Haylea Bedford NH  
Leduc Zachary North Smithfield RI  
Ledwith Jordan Norton MA  
Lee Alanna East Waterboro ME  
Lee Alexander Farmington ME  
Lee Marjorie East Waterboro ME  
Leen Connor Monroe NY  
Leeper Carissa Westminster CO  
Leighton Steven Bangor ME  
Lemay Cory Sanford ME  
Lenfest Jarrod Windsor ME  
Lenor Emily Bucksport ME  
Leopold Ruth Wilton ME  
Letourneau Zebediah Rochester NH  
Levesque Janelle Newmarket NH  
Levy Kierstyn Guilford CT  
Levy Nicole Somers NY  
Lewin Justin Castle Hill ME  
Lewis Alex Hermon ME  
Lewis Darien Ellsworth ME  
Lewis Karen Bridgton ME  
Lewis Linda Orono ME  
Lewis Vincent Caribou ME  
Li Bai Huchengh 31 China
Li Danielle Falmouth ME  
Libby Casey Hollis Center ME  
Libby Jena Brunswick ME  
Libby Justin Brunswick ME  
Libby Stephanie New Gloucester ME  
Liberman Kathryn Sumner IL  
Libhart Dana Bangor ME  
Lilieholm Jennifer Hampden ME  
Lincoln Elizabeth Unity ME  
Lindbom George Cape Neddick ME  
Linn Abigail Elkhart IN  
Linscott Jonathan South Portland ME  
Linscott Joseph Millinocket ME  
Lipinski Hallie East Bridgewater MA  
Little Megan Calais ME  
Liu Yao Panzhihua 51 China
Liu Yilan Changsha 43 China
Lively Jason Wilbraham MA  
Livingston Amanda Old Town ME  
Livingston Blaine Old Town ME  
Livingston Grace Veazie ME  
Lizotte Craig Orono ME  
LoConte Vincent Winthrop MA  
Lochala Abigail New Sharon ME  
Locke Natasha South Portland ME  
Logie Devon Linneus ME  
Long William Bangor ME  
Lookabaugh Ian Lubec ME  
Loring Delaney Portland ME  
Lounder Samuel Ellsworth ME  
Lovejoy Emily Old Town ME  
Lovely Tara Unity ME  
Low Christopher Winslow ME  
Lucas Michael Auburn ME  
Lucier Celena Winslow ME  
Lucky Karen Holden ME  
Lucy Chloe Bangor ME  
Ludden Danielle Unity ME  
Lueneburg Cassandra Old Town ME  
Luken Hannah West Gardiner ME  
Luken Maeve Lincoln ME  
Lunn Nicholas Hodgdon ME  
Lusk Ian Winterport ME  
Luttrell Jessica South Thomaston ME  
Luy Sebastian Standish ME  
Lynch Briana Auburn ME  
Lyons Harold Beals ME  
Lyons Jared Medway ME  
Lyons Laura Ellsworth ME  
Lyons Michael New Gloucester ME  
Mabie Anna Skowhegan ME  
MacBride Kristen Hartford ME  
MacDonald Abigail Yarmouth ME  
MacDonald Amanda Cumberland ME  
MacDonald Danielle Bangor ME  
MacMillan Emily St George ME  
Mackin-McLaughlin Julia Ambler PA  
Maclean Michael Wilton ME  
Macsorley Kelsey STRATFORD ON Canada
Madden Kerry Washington ME  
Maddocks Frederick Dover Foxcroft ME  
Maddocks-Wilbur Justice Ellsworth ME  
Maddox Audrey Orono ME  
Mahar Rachael Pembroke ME  
Maines Ian Abbot ME  
Makela Amber Lyndeborough NH  
Maker Hannah Morrill ME  
Maker Seth Machiasport ME  
Malone Maggie HALIFAX NS Canada
Manandhar Sony Kathmandu   Nepal
Mancheva Amanda Sofia   Bulgaria
Mangiarelli Michael Warren OH  
Manley Hunter Phillipston MA  
Manning Tyler Belchertown MA  
Mansfield Amber Thomaston ME  
Mansour Isaiah Fairfield CT  
Marcotte Cameron Lewiston ME  
Marden Lindsey Boothbay ME  
Mares Amy Orono ME  
Marki Marcel Camden ME  
Marquis Kayla Orono ME  
Marro Michelle Grafton MA  
Marsh Devin Saco ME  
Marsh Jacob Hampden ME  
Marsh Sarah Cambridge MA  
Marshall Brittney Sabattus ME  
Marshall Grace New Dominion PE Canada
Marshall Hallie Atco NJ  
Marshall Jenna Bangor ME  
Marshall Sarah Scarborough ME  
Martin Emily Standish ME  
Martin Kristen Morrill ME  
Martin Lydia Lisbon ME  
Martin Marie Aurora IL  
Martin Morgan Bowdoin ME  
Martin Paige Dover Foxcroft ME  
Marvin Abigail Orrington ME  
Maskay Aman Orono ME  
Mason Emma Owls Head ME  
Mason Rebecca Dexter ME  
Mason Zachary Wells ME  
Massey Katelyn Waterville ME  
Massey Kurt Orrington ME  
Masters Jaclyn Auburn ME  
Mata Rafael York ME  
Mathieson Heath Liberty ME  
Mathieu Brooke Lewiston ME  
Mathon Nicholas Lewiston ME  
Mattor Riley Hollis Center ME  
Mazerolle Stephanie Jefferson ME  
Mazur Mackenzie Douglas MA  
McAvoy Jalisa Sherman ME  
McCabe John Winslow ME  
McCrea Jacob Orrington ME  
McCullough Matthew Gorham ME  
McCurry Jaclyn Biddeford ME  
McDaniels Lucas Skowhegan ME  
McDonald Julie Brewer ME  
McDonald Kelly ANCASTER ON Canada
McDuff Evan Topsham ME  
McEachern Cecelia Ellsworth ME  
McEnery William Durham ME  
McFarland Duncan Ashland ME  
McFetters Robyn Barrington RI  
McGary Benjamin Virginia Beach VA  
McGill Brendan Stratford CT  
McGuire David Woolwich ME  
McGuire Jade South China ME  
McGuire Rory South China ME  
McIsaac Rowan Bass Harbor ME  
McKague Cameron Standish ME  
McKeen Lindsay Gray ME  
McKenney Derek Parkman ME  
McKeown Kate Turner ME  
McKim Keegan Trenton ME  
McKinney Eileen Auburn ME  
McKoy Chad Millinocket ME  
McLaughlin Chelsea Manchester ME  
McLaughlin Lily Greenville ME  
McLaughlin Therese Brewer ME  
McMahon Caitlin Bangor ME  
McMahon Cameron Wells ME  
McNett Ariel Topsham ME  
McSwain Arden Edgecomb ME  
Mcgonagle Christopher Portland ME  
Meagher Morgan Cape Neddick ME  
Mecray Ian Cumberland ME  
Meeker Maude Naples ME  
Meeks Zakiah-Lee Bangor ME  
Meiler Brett Saco ME  
Melcher Gregory Jay ME  
Melcher Mikaela Bowdoin ME  
Melcher Zachariah Brewer ME  
Menard Patrick Wells ME  
Mendes Paul Limerick ME  
Merchant Amanda Fairfield VT  
Merchant Charles Addison ME  
Merchant Will Saint Paul MN  
Mercier Erin Augusta ME  
Mercier Garrett Gray ME  
Merk-Wynne Taylor Waterville ME  
Merriam Jamie Harpswell ME  
Merrill Clayton North Monmouth ME  
Merrill Scott Scarborough ME  
Merritt Janette Deer Isle ME  
Merrow Thomas Orono ME  
Meservey Brittany Hope ME  
Mestieri Lindsay Bangor ME  
Metcalf Christina West Baldwin ME  
Meunier Patrick Vassalboro ME  
Meyer Jillian Sayville NY  
Miceli Christina Derry NH  
Michaud Kirk Madawaska ME  
Miliano Emily Old Town ME  
Miller Campbell Rockport ME  
Miller James Newport VT  
Miller Katherine Rockwood ME  
Miller Kera Rumford ME  
Miller Marie Blanchard Twp ME  
Miller Sean Winterport ME  
Mills Emily Holden ME  
Mills Heidi Rockland ME  
Mills Laura Dennysville ME  
Mininni Anna Biddeford ME  
Misener Nicole BURLINGTON ON Canada
Misner Nicole Tampa FL  
Mitchell Alexa Old Town ME  
Mitchell Tiffany Brooksville ME  
Moody Renee Lincolnville ME  
Mooney Molly Gray ME  
Moore Nathan Patten ME  
Moore Nicholas North Berwick ME  
Moore Nicole Newport ME  
Moore Robert Cumberland Center ME  
Morancy Hunter Wilder VT  
Moreshead Molly Holden ME  
Morey Megan Chichester NH  
Morgan Annie Reading MA  
Morgan Brian Windham NH  
Morgan Cody Exeter ME  
Morgan Hannah Gardiner ME  
Morgan Lee Milford ME  
Moriarty Kirsty Brewer ME  
Morin Erika Fairfield ME  
Morin Hillary Brunswick ME  
Morin Kelsey Caribou ME  
Morin Tyler South Paris ME  
Morren Justin Cutler ME  
Morrill Jennifer Holden ME  
Morris Lindsay Fairfield ME  
Morrison Aaron Hancock ME  
Morrison Emma South Berwick ME  
Morrison Gillian Southwest Harbor ME  
Morrissette Peyton Scarborough ME  
Morton Corey Casco ME  
Mosquera-Cardi Katerina Pointe-Claire QC Canada
Moylan Christopher Yarmouth ME  
Mpelkas Calandra Lancaster MA  
Mukose John Bangor ME  
Mullis Sarah Corinna ME  
Mulvaney Kimberly Riverhead NY  
Munroe Ceilidh Saint Albans VT  
Munson Julianne Branford CT  
Murch Sheila Freeport ME  
Murchison Cassandra Bangor ME  
Murchison Samantha Caribou ME  
Murnane Michelle Searsport ME  
Murphy Ariel Brunswick ME  
Murphy Daniel Chelmsford MA  
Murphy Jessica Springvale ME  
Murray Amber Dover Foxcroft ME  
Murray Matthew Milford ME  
Murtagh Autumn Cape Neddick ME  
Muy Henry Hialeah FL  
Myer Ashlie West Baldwin ME  
Myers Jason Plantsville CT  
Nacca Amy Monmouth ME  
Nadeau Brandon Bradley ME  
Nadeau Christopher Caribou ME  
Nadeau Evan Brewer ME  
Nadeau-Carney Vie Biddeford ME  
Nalivaika Alison Worcester MA  
Nappi Aric Westbrook ME  
Naranja Antonio Fort Kent ME  
Nazar Madeline Readfield ME  
Ndaruhutse Bienvenu Orono ME  
NeCastro Maria Machias ME  
Nee Liam Old Town ME  
Nee Logan Old Town ME  
Nelson James Waterville ME  
Nelson Krista Des Moines IA  
Nelson Michael Waterville ME  
Nerney Jocelyn Londonderry NH  
Netherton Haley Fishers IN  
Newcomb Jesse Norway ME  
Nguyen Han Ho Chi Minh   Vietnam
Nguyen Huong Ly Hanoi   Vietnam
Nguyen Phong Da Nang   Vietnam
Nichols Aron Bangor ME  
Nichols Michael Lamoine ME  
Nicke Nadine Glenburn ME  
Nickerson Jordan Holden ME  
Nicols Sarah Mexico ME  
Nida-Eldridge Mikaela New Sharon ME  
Nolan Kyle Camden ME  
Norman Courtney Pointe Claire QC Canada
Norris Monica Orrington ME  
Norris Rylan Holden ME  
Norton Whitney Bangor ME  
Nosel Elise Glenburn ME  
Novak Abigail Leominster MA  
O’Berry Kaytee Alton ME  
O’Brien Bailey Gorham ME  
O’Brien Parker Augusta ME  
O’Brien Stephen Freeport ME  
O’Connor James Berwick ME  
O’Connor Michael York ME  
O’Donnell Rebecca Southwest Harbor ME  
O’Driscoll Kathleen Marshfield MA  
O’Neil Shannon Milan NH  
O’Neill Brendan Old Town ME  
O’Shea Samantha Kennebunkport ME  
O’Sullivan Nora Fairfield CT  
O’Toole Kathleen Kennebunk ME  
Odiorne Shane Eliot ME  
Ogden Megan Bristol VT  
Onda Ty Trenton ME  
Onishchuk Dmitri Oakdale NY  
Oppewall Emma Southwest Harbor ME  
Orach Jesse Gorham ME  
Orrell Jordan North Oxford MA  
Orsini Leah Raymond ME  
Orsini Seraphina South Berwick ME  
Osborne Jake Burlington ON Canada
Osborne Julia Bangor ME  
Osborne Rebecca Sanford ME  
Osnoe Jorden Levant ME  
Ossanna Elliot Bar Harbor ME  
Ouellette Meagan Parsonsfield ME  
Outman Susan Old Town ME  
Ovington Alexis Kittery ME  
Owens Nicholas Gorham ME  
Padham Erin Bangor ME  
Paine Amy Belfast ME  
Paine John Orono ME  
Pakulski Liam North Yarmouth ME  
Palsson Luke Marshfield MA  
Paneral Carolyn Berwyn IL  
Panzino Karissa Litchfield ME  
Papakotsi Vasiliki Athens   Greece
Paradee Rebecca Gardiner ME  
Paradis Ashley Bangor ME  
Paradis Christopher Skowhegan ME  
Paradis Erin Biddeford ME  
Paradis William Presque Isle ME  
Paradis-Reynolds Sylvia Waterville ME  
Paradise Mattie Wells ME  
Parent John Hamlin ME  
Parker Sarah Saco ME  
Parker Valerie Grand Isle ME  
Pasquarella Margaret New Milford CT  
Pasquerillo Elias Hermon ME  
Pasquine Laura Bangor ME  
Patnaude Joshua Sanford ME  
Paul Kayla Veazie ME  
Pawlicki Anthony Buffalo Grove IL  
Paylor Timothy Old Town ME  
Peavey Erica Orrington ME  
Peck Ray Brewer ME  
Pelletier Brandon Shawmut ME  
Pelletier Samantha Saint David ME  
Pelto Jillian Jefferson MA  
Pendleton Brittney Islesboro ME  
Pendleton Margo Warren ME  
Pendleton Roxanne Islesboro ME  
Pendleton Sara Belfast ME  
Pendleton Victoria Hudson ME  
Peng Yi Old Town ME  
Pepin Jeffrey Buckfield ME  
Peralta Gabriela Woolwich ME  
Perez Cristina Milbridge ME  
Perez Laura Biddeford ME  
Perkins Andrew Kittery ME  
Perkins Matthew Saint Johnsbury VT  
Perron Kaelina Auburn ME  
Perruzzi Mica Southwest Harbor ME  
Perry Connor Hampden ME  
Perry Daniel Keller TX  
Perry Sean Portland ME  
Petroski Emelia Vassalboro ME  
Pew Elek East Andover ME  
Pflugradt Elizabeth New Gloucester ME  
Philbrick Kelsey Auburn ME  
Philpot Madeline Laconia NH  
Phinney Andrew Lincoln ME  
Picard Alissa Orono ME  
Picard Mariah Dayton ME  
Picard Tyler South Berwick ME  
Picillo Molly Newburyport MA  
Pierce Hayley Manchester ME  
Pierce Kevin Camden ME  
Pierce Margaret Hermon ME  
Pinatti Sarah Willington CT  
Pinault Alexandrine Old Town ME  
Pineau Robert Augusta ME  
Pinkham Matthew Sangerville ME  
Plaisted Christopher Jonesboro ME  
Plaisted Taylor Hampden ME  
Plisova Anna Portland ME  
Plourde Eric Gorham ME  
Plourde Matthew Gardiner ME  
Plourde Megan Turner ME  
Plourde Reanna Caribou ME  
Plourde Shayne Byron ME  
Plummer Bryanna Bridgton ME  
Pluntke Morgen Solon ME  
Poirier Justin Plainville MA  
Poli Mark Medfield MA  
Pomeroy Benjamin Gorham ME  
Poole Andrew Tariffville CT  
Porter Eliza Cumberland Center ME  
Porter Ryan Caribou ME  
Porter Zachary Old Orchard Beach ME  
Poticny Valerian Bratislava   Slovakia
Potter Gordon Lebanon ME  
Potts Robert North Yarmouth ME  
Poulin Gabrielle Auburn ME  
Poulin James Lewiston ME  
Pouliot Catherine South Berwick ME  
Pounch Michael Orono ME  
Poussard Cameron Lewiston ME  
Powell Lydia Appleton ME  
Powell Robert Unity ME  
Powers McKayla Lewiston ME  
Pratico Abigail Falmouth ME  
Pratt Danielle Hampden ME  
Pratt Lauren Acton ME  
Prentiss Samuel Industry ME  
Prescott Morgan South China ME  
Pressley Sarah Old Town ME  
Price Karlee Winslow ME  
Price Kody Winslow ME  
Priest Jason Old Town ME  
Prince Jhen-da Berwick ME  
Proctor Elizabeth Newbury MA  
Pszenny Kimberly Old Town ME  
Pulver Jeffrey Vassalboro ME  
Purgiel Andrew South Berwick ME  
Purnell Benton Oakland ME  
Pye Charles Phippsburg ME  
Qi Courtney Wilton ME  
Quigley Olivia Stockton Springs ME  
Quintal Laura Sagamore MA  
Quirk Alexander Scarborough ME  
Rafalko-Zayir Alexander Corinna ME  
Ragucci Megan Freeport ME  
Raines Wesley Kittery ME  
Ralphs Dagmar O’Fallon IL  
Ralphs Samantha Lebanon IL  
Rampe Jeffrey Orono ME  
Ramsdell Gillian Wells ME  
Rancourt Arielle Bremen ME  
Rancourt Rebecca Turner ME  
Randall Jodi Orono ME  
Randall Kye Barton VT  
Rashed Hassan      
Raymond Allison Topsham ME  
Raymond Garrett Augusta ME  
Raymond Matthew Orono ME  
Raymond Michelle York ME  
Read Katherine Auburn ME  
Redfern Ian Ipswich MA  
Reed Benjamin Milford ME  
Reed James APO AE Germany
Regan Matthew Old Orchard Beach ME  
Reichel Kent Hampden ME  
Reinhardt Amelia Tenants Harbor ME  
Reno Caroline Brunswick ME  
Renouf Daniel Whitby ON Canada
Revello Katherine Portsmouth RI  
Reynolds Christine Portland ME  
Reynolds Elizabeth Ann Arbor MI  
Rheaume Hannah Lewiston ME  
Rhodes Ezekiel Brunswick ME  
Rice Brittany Durham ME  
Rice Jaidyn Waterford ME  
Rice Lauren Harpswell ME  
Rice Steven Brewer ME  
Richard Anna Wareham MA  
Richard Matthew Bradley ME  
Richards Addie Bangor ME  
Richards Amanda Orono ME  
Richards Jeanne Moose River ME  
Richmond Nicholas Orono ME  
Rickards Andrea Brewer ME  
Ridley Jeffrey Eddington ME  
Riemersma Joel Orono ME  
Riendeau Chelsey Newcastle ME  
Riggs Maxime Portland ME  
Riley Conor Massena NY  
Riley Devon Orono ME  
Riordan James China ME  
Risinger Mark Hermon ME  
Ritchie Max Buxton ME  
Ritland Anna Dexter ME  
Roach Alec Danvers MA  
Roach Julie Old Town ME  
Roach Taylor Cumberland Center ME  
Robbins Mallory Waldoboro ME  
Robe James Waterville ME  
Roberts Alexander Randolph ME  
Roberts Natalie Old Town ME  
Roberts Stephen Hermon ME  
Robertson Douglas Benton ME  
Robertson Samantha Bangor ME  
Robertson William South China ME  
Robins Seth Bangor ME  
Robinson Amber Kittery ME  
Robinson Ashley Bangor ME  
Robinson John Orono ME  
Robinson Morgan Levant ME  
Robison Alexander Falmouth ME  
Robitaille Melanie Jay ME  
Robles Leigh Littleton CO  
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Roderick Christopher Mechanic Falls ME  
Rodrigo Randima Uswatekeyiyawa   Sri Lanka
Rodrigue Taylor Manchester CT  
Rogers Sara Topsham ME  
Rogers Timothy Kittery ME  
Rogers Todd Brewer ME  
Rogers Zachary Hermon ME  
Roland Elin Portland ME  
Rolfe Taylor Fairfield ME  
Rollins Jonathan Parsonsfield ME  
Roma Danielle Standish ME  
Ronan Katelynn Glenburn ME  
Rosa Joshua Wakefield RI  
Roscoe Samuel Hedon E YORK United Kingdom
Rosebeary Kelsey Poulsbo WA  
Rosen Marley Acton MA  
Ross Claire Auburn ME  
Rossin Ashley Overland Park KS  
Rothenheber Derek Trenton ME  
Rouse Wesley Brownville ME  
Roush Lauren Hinsdale IL  
Rowe Jamie Scarborough ME  
Rowley Nicholas Fayette ME  
Roy Briana Holderness NH  
Roy Dayna North Andover MA  
Roy Emily Brunswick ME  
Roy Jaime Orrington ME  
Roy Jonathan Frenchville ME  
Roy Lucas Alfred ME  
Roy Samantha Brunswick ME  
Rublee Marissa Glenburn ME  
Rubner Cody Acton MA  
Ruel Nathan Kennebunk ME  
Ruffin Madeline Milo ME  
Russell Jaime Auburn ME  
Russell James Brewer ME  
Russell Richie Milo ME  
Russell Travis Orono ME  
Ryan Amanda Ludlow ME  
Ryan Erik Ludlow ME  
Rybka Ryan North Yarmouth ME  
Ryder Brandon Milford ME  
Rykowski John Matthew Maywood NJ  
Ryle Aoife Portland ME  
Saliou-Sulley Fuoad Kasoa   Ghana
Salzberg Benjamin Milford ME  
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Sande Nicholas Charles City IA  
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Savoie Tyler Greenville NH  
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Zimmerman Hannah Bowdoinham ME  

UMaine’s CCAR Assists in Development of Recirculating Aquaculture Technology

Chefs often go to the docks to select fresh catch to prepare their evening seafood dinners.

In the near future, area chefs and the public may routinely be getting fresh, sustainable fish from a Maine-based indoor fish farm.

A number of locals are working toward that future, including middle-school students, educators, marine scientists, businesspeople, funders, and a fisherman who helps run a cooperative. Participants involved in this cutting-edge indoor fish farming technology project will gather at Herring Gut Learning Center in Port Clyde on Thursday, Feb. 6.

Following are snapshots of the participating organizations:

School of Roots at the Herring Gut Learning Center, Port Clyde, Maine

The School of Roots, a student-run aquaponics business established in 2010, is managed by middle-school youth in RSU 13’s Alternative Education Program at the Herring Gut Learning Center. The students learn academic concepts while developing, marketing and selling products to grocers, restaurants and community members. They previously test-marketed and sold black sea bass produced by Acadia Harvest and are now premarketing Acadia Harvest’s California yellowtail. Feb. 6, the students will help harvest the fish; they plan to have them all sold within 48 hours of harvest.

For more information on the School of Roots, visit

For more information on Herring Gut Learning Center, visit

Acadia Harvest Inc., Brunswick, Maine

Acadia Harvest was formed in early 2011 as RAS Corporation. Acadia Harvest (AHI) is working at the University of Maine’s Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research in Franklin, Maine, to develop new technologies in land-based, indoor sustainable fish farming, known as recirculating aquaculture systems. Principals Chris Heinig (CEO), Tap Pryor (chief scientist) and Ed Robinson (chairman) have been growing and test marketing high-quality, nutritious, affordable fish, both California yellowtail and black sea bass. By 2016, they anticipate having their first commercial-scale production facility in Maine to initially produce 250 to 450 metric tons of fish annually. With a SBIR Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation, the company has experimented with marine worms and various forms of algae in the recirculating aquaculture system to achieve an environmentally friendly “zero-waste” facility. AHI has a purchase option on a parcel of land in Gouldsboro, on the site of a former naval facility at Corea. The construction of a first-phase production facility would involve a multi-million dollar investment and the creation of 10–15 new jobs for the area.

University of Maine’s Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research, Franklin, Maine

UMaine’s Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research, directed by Nick Brown, is a business incubation facility and a center for applied aquaculture research, development and demonstration. CCAR is assisting Acadia Harvest in its development of recirculating aquaculture technology by providing sophisticated aquaculture business incubation facilities, recirculation technology and marine research expertise. CCAR also will provide juvenile fish from its state-of-the-art hatchery for Acadia Harvest.

For more information about UMaine’s CCAR, visit

Port Clyde Fresh Catch: A Maine Fishermen’s Cooperative, Port Clyde, Maine

Port Clyde Fresh Catch is the country’s first community-supported fishery. It’s part of a movement seeking to do for small-scale local fishermen what community-supported agriculture does for farmers. On Feb. 6, Glen Libby and the Port Clyde team will process the California yellowtail grown by Acadia Harvest.

For more information about Port Clyde Fresh Catch, visit

Both Maine Technology Institute and Coastal Enterprises, Inc. have provided funding that has been instrumental in Acadia Harvest’s development of indoor fish farming technology.

Maine Technology Institute (MTI), Brunswick, Maine

The Maine Technology Institute is a private nonprofit organization chartered by the state to “invest in innovation” in seven key sectors. MTI funds entrepreneurs, growing businesses and research institutions engaged in research and development of innovative technologies in Aquaculture & Marine, Agriculture & Forestry, Biotechnology, Precision Manufacturing, Advanced Composites, Information Technology and Environmental Technology. In addition to a competitive grant and loan program, MTI also makes equity investments in promising technologies. Since its founding in 1999, MTI has invested more than $178 million in the Maine economy, bringing in more than $250 million of additional investment to Maine, and creating high-quality jobs and long-term value for the state.

For more information about MTI, visit

Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), Wiscasset, Maine

CEI, a 501(c)(3) private, nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), is among the leading rural finance entities in the Northeast. Founded in 1977, and headquartered in Maine, CEI has provided $1.05 billion in loans and investments, and business and housing counseling services to more than 43,082 people, helping to create economically and environmentally healthy communities in New England, upstate New York, and throughout rural America.

For more information about CEI, visit

Contact: Beth Staples, 207.581.3777

Innovate for Maine Internship Program Accepting Applications

The University of Maine’s Foster Center for Student Innovation is seeking motivated, innovative Maine college students and Maine companies that want to make a difference for the state through the Blackstone Accelerates Growth (BxG) Innovate for Maine Fellows program, supported by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation.

The BxG Innovate for Maine Fellows program connects the best and brightest Maine college students with the state’s most exciting, growing companies as a way to grow and create jobs in Maine through innovation and entrepreneurship. The program, which is now accepting applications, offers paid internships that place students with companies to receive training in innovation and entrepreneurship, and real-world job experience. Other benefits include potential academic credit and networking opportunities with Maine businesses and other students.

Applications are also available for Maine companies looking for summer interns. Trained innovation experts guide and mentor both the student and the company for the duration of the project.

The application deadline for both fellows and companies is March 1, 2014. More information and applications for the Innovate for Maine program are online.

Steneck: Understanding Species Interactions Key to Fisheries Management

University of Maine marine scientist Bob Steneck participated in a Florida State University-led study that recommends a paradigm shift for fisheries science and management.

The study spearheaded by FSU biology professor Joe Travis advocates that fisheries experts and managers consider how overfishing and environmental changes disrupt species interactions and alter ecosystems, including pushing some ecosystems past their tipping points.

“In order to succeed, fisheries management must focus on species interactions,” says Steneck, a professor based at UMaine’s Darling Marine Center in Walpole.

Historically, Steneck says, fisheries science has focused on population dynamics, sustainable yields and influences of biological and oceanographic processes on fisheries.

“By incorporating a more ecological approach, we argue that managers can better understand the dynamics of a fishery, and which species interactions, if affected, can push the ecosystems that house a fishery past its tipping point,” he says.

The loss of one major species from an ecosystem can have severe and unintended consequences because of the connections between that species and others in the system. These changes often occur rapidly and unexpectedly and are difficult to reverse, say the researchers.

“You don’t realize how interdependent species are until it all unravels,” says study co-author Felicia Coleman, director of Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory.

One case study looks at the collapse of sardine and anchovy stocks — partially as a result of overfishing — in the 1970s in the Northern Benguela ecosystem off Namibia. Subsequently, the far less calorie-rich bearded goby and jellyfish flourished. African penguins and gannets that had preyed on energy-rich sardines and anchovies, have suffered, say the researchers. African penguins and gannets have declined by 77 percent and 94 percent, respectively.

In addition, Cape hake and deep-water hake production plummeted from 725,000 metric tons in 1972 to 110,000 metric tons in 1990, say the researchers, and the population of Cape fur seals has dramatically fluctuated.

In Europe, Steneck points to the Atlantic cod stock’s seeming inability to rebound from overfishing. Currently, the cod’s former prey, a small fish called sprat, has become hyperabundant to the point that it preys on larval cod.

Closer to home, the decimation of cod and other large predatory species also resulted in a proliferation of sea urchins. In the late 1980s, a sea urchin fishery subsequently developed and boomed, but by the mid- to late-1990s, overfishing had decimated that industry.

With sea urchin stocks depleted, the macroalgae eaten by sea urchins increased substantially. This, in turn, created an ideal habitat for crabs, which are major predators of sea urchins.

In the same ecosystem, Steneck says declines in soft-shell clams are due to an explosion of non-native green crabs. “All of these examples result from strong ecological interactions that are not captured in most fisheries management models,” he says.

While it’s easy to write off one such case study, Travis says taken all together, the paper is a compelling case that “tipping points are real, we’ve crossed them in many ecosystems, and we’ll cross more of them unless we can get this problem under control.”

Steneck agrees. “Our paper provides case studies from all over the world illustrating how a chain of events taken with an appreciation for species interactions can contribute to complex problems in fisheries management,” he says.

The study, titled “Integrating the invisible fabric of nature into fisheries management,” was published in the Dec. 23, 2013 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Travis and Coleman say they hope the research accelerates changes in how fisheries scientists approach ecosystem problems and how fisheries managers integrate system issues into their efforts.

The researchers recommend that more effort be devoted to understanding links between species that set up tipping points in ecosystems and they advised managers be cognizant of data that indicates when a system could be approaching its tipping point.

“It’s a lot easier to back up to avoid a tipping point before you get to it than it is to find a way to return once you’ve crossed it,” Travis says.

Fishing experts generally understand how overfishing affects other species and the ecosystem as a whole but it “needs to be a bigger part of the conversation and turned into action,” Coleman says.

Seven other scientists from the University of Connecticut, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Santa Cruz, University of Chicago, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Centre de Recherche Halieutique Méditerranéenne et Tropicale in France participated in the study.

Contact: Beth Staples, 207.581.3777

2014 Camden Conference, UMaine Course to Focus on Global Politics of Food, Water

“The Global Politics of Food and Water” will be the theme of the 2014 Camden Conference and accompanying course offered by the University of Maine’s Division of Lifelong Learning.

The 27th annual Camden Conference will take place Feb. 21–23 in Camden and will also be part of a three-credit UMaine course with classes on Saturday, Jan. 25, March 22 and April 12.

The conference and course will explore water and food security topics from many perspectives around the world as they relate to human life, global climate change and relationships between countries.

The course will be taught by UMaine faculty G. Paul Holman, Libra Professor of International Affairs; Timothy Cole, an associate professor of political science and associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; and Capt. James Settele, director of the School of Policy and International Affairs. Guest lecturers will also be featured.

To receive credit, students in the course must attend all three sessions and the three-day conference in Camden or at satellite broadcast venues at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast or the Strand Theatre in Rockland.

Frederick Kirschenmann, a distinguished fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University and president of the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, N.Y., will be the conference’s keynote speaker. Andreas Merkl, president and CEO of Ocean Conservancy, will be the featured speaker.

The Camden Conference was founded in 1987 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization that aims to foster education and discussion on world issues.

More information about the 2014 Camden Conference is available online. More information about the accompanying UMaine course is available by calling Marlene Charron at 207.581.4095 or visiting the Division of Lifelong Learning’s website.

UMaine, Department of Education Launch Autism Resource, Research Institute

The University of Maine’s College of Education and Human Development has partnered with the Maine Department of Education to create a statewide system of supports for Mainers who serve children with autism and their families. The Maine Autism Institute for Education and Research (MAIER) will open Jan. 1, 2014 on the UMaine campus. Deborah Rooks-Ellis, an assistant professor of special education at UMaine, will be the institute’s full-time director. She will oversee the institute’s efforts to increase statewide capacity to improve outcomes for children with autism. The full DOE news release on the collaboration is available online.

Researching undergrads

Six students from the University of Maine’s College of Engineering have been awarded Center for Undergraduate Research Fellowships for 2012-13.

The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty-supervised research, and are supported through a PRE-VUE grant awarded by the University of Maine’s President’s Office. Each fellowship provides a $1,000 award for the student, and up to $1,000 in more funding, if needed, to cover costs associated with the project.

The students’ research areas involve a variety of engineering topics — from studying extreme rainfall and climate change to optimizing power conversion for wave energy converter systems.

Michelle Beauchemin
Graphene potential: A sophomore in engineering physics with a concentration in electrical and computer engineering, Beauchemin is researching a graphene-based electrochemical sensor. Her research focuses on graphene’s electrical characterization and its potential for use in single-molecule sensors. Graphene is a single-layer graphite — a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms — and has properties of high conductivity and strength that give it potential in the area of electronics. Beauchemin has produced graphene, and hopes to identify it optically and electrically. She plans to test its possibility as a sensor for nanopore DNA encoding research by her adviser, electrical and computer engineering professor Rosemary Smith.

Building skills: Beauchemin says the fellowship has given her the opportunity to work in a lab with faculty she admires, and has helped strengthen her research and laboratory skills. “I work in the Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology (LASST) in Barrows, and there is a lot of intimidating equipment there, but Dr. Smith has been there to answer all my questions and assist me when needed,” Beauchemin says. “There are times at which I feel less experienced than the graduate students I work with, but I feel lucky to begin building my skills as an undergrad, so when I go to grad school, I will be well-prepared for research.”

Engineering Expo: Beauchemin, from Saco, Maine, cites UMaine’s annual Engineering Expo in Gorham and Orono as the springboards for deciding to study engineering at UMaine. “It is a great display of the diversity of programs at the school and is a great way to get children interested in science and engineering,” she says. “I have always loved math and science, and engineering is a great way to apply my interests.”

Future plans: Graduate school for electrical engineering is in sight for Beauchemin, who is interested in solid state physics and semiconductors. She hopes to work in the field of semiconductors.

Michael Dandy
Extreme rainfall: A sophomore in civil and environmental engineering, Dandy is working on climate change adaptation for his research project, “Extreme Rainfall in a Changing Climate: Developing New Methodologies to Inform Infrastructure Design.” He is analyzing past extreme precipitation and hurricane data for the East Coast, and is writing computer programs to help predict future extreme flood events to inform better infrastructure design. ~

Challenging himself: The Los Angeles, Calif., native chose engineering because he has always excelled at math and likes a challenge. “I enjoy challenging myself with course material that interests me,” says Dandy, noting that he chose UMaine for its reputation as an engineering school.

Pursuing research: Dandy says the fellowship gives him the opportunity to pursue research in the field that he finds most interesting. “It is very interesting to observe the entire process involved, and see everyone’s input toward a project,” says Dandy, who works with civil and environmental engineering professor Shaleen Jain. Dandy has presented his research at the National Council for Undergraduate Research Conference in LaCrosse, Wis., and published a research article.

Graduate school: Dandy plans to study water resource engineering or hydrology in graduate school.

Kyle Nolan
Genetic sequencing: A sophomore in electrical and computer engineering and a student in the Honors College, Nolan has been working on a nanopore gene sequencing project in the Microinstruments and Systems Laboratory. “Our objective is to translocate single-stranded DNA through a nanopore and electrically identify individual nucleotides as they pass through,” Nolan says. “If we could fine-tune the process well enough, it has potential to replace traditional methods of genetic sequencing, as it is a faster and cheaper alternative to current commercial approaches.” Nolan says the bulk of his research has been in “optimizing the recipe we use to make the carbon nanoelectrodes for our electrical measurements.”

Invaluable asset: Nolan, from Camden, Maine, says he did not imagine that he would have this kind of opportunity to do research as an undergraduate. “I was excited to earn a lab position here at the university, pleased with the cutting-edge facilities and meaningful projects, and thrilled to subsequently receive a research fellowship,” he says. “It has been an invaluable asset to my research, and I greatly appreciate the opportunity.” He says research has been “an enjoyable, meaningful way to work during the summer and supplement coursework during the academic year.”

Combining strengths: When deciding where to attend college, Nolan knew he wanted a school with a solid curriculum and scholarship opportunities. “With UMaine’s renowned engineering program, merit scholarships and research positions, it offers a great balance between quality education, professional opportunity and affordability,” Nolan says. He views engineering as a chance to learn interesting, dynamic material while combining his strengths. “It is a discipline where I can combine my natural creativity with my knack for science and mathematics, and the way engineering continues to be shaped by — and to evolve with — the modern world, ensures that it stays relevant and integral to our society,” he says.

Role models: Nolan says his research would not have been possible without the guidance of Institute for Molecular Biophysics research engineer Justin Millis and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rosemary Smith. “Justin has shown me the ropes in the clean room and consistently provided great project advice,” Nolan says. “Rosemary always manages to find the time and the patience, despite her busy schedule, to sit down with me and explain the answers to all of my questions.”

Continuing education: Nolan says he plans to attend graduate school after completing his undergraduate studies. “I strive to become the best engineer I can be, and after graduate school will probably look to move into industry,” he says. Nolan says he is interested by both the electrical and computer aspects of his major, but sees himself leaning toward computer engineering.

Anthony Nuzzo
Power conversion: A senior in electrical engineering, Nuzzo is working on optimizing power conversion for wave energy converter (WEC) systems. He has been designing printed circuit boards that will be used with a mechanical prototype WEC designed by the Mechanical Engineering Department. Nuzzo’s work, which involves converting DC power to AC power using an inverter he designed, will help convert power produced by WEC, as well as control it to optimize system performance. The research is an example of multiple departments at UMaine working together to find new methods for harnessing renewable energy resources, Nuzzo says.

Practical experience: The fellowship has helped Nuzzo gain practical experience in the power electronics field. The Litchfield, Maine, native says, through the fellowship, he has developed significant skills in printed circuit board design that are essential for his engineering work.

Early fascination: Nuzzo says he chose to study engineering because he has always been interested in building. “I’ve known since I was young that I wanted to study electrical engineering because it would allow me to understand how all my toys — that I took apart — worked,” Nuzzo says. He has since become interested in renewable energy and he sees electrical engineering as a key to innovation in that area. He chose to study at UMaine because of its “well-regarded engineering program and its financial benefits for Maine residents.”

Difficult but rewarding: Nuzzo, who has been working with electrical and computer engineering professor Nathan Weise, says research as an undergraduate is a fun, different type of work than what you do in the classroom. “Working on research between classes can be difficult but also rewarding,” Nuzzo says. “I enjoyed working closely with my professor and learning the tricks of the trade rather than working problems from a book.”

Working in the field: After graduation, Nuzzo says he will be working full time at Pika Energy, a start-up company in Gorham, Maine, where he interned last summer and learned about inverter design.

Bipush Osti
Improving usability: Osti, a junior in computer engineering from Kathmandu, Nepal, is researching alternative ways to interact with visualizations walls. Visualization walls are made up of many monitors that act as a single monitor and are usually used to display scientific data. Osti’s research mainly involves using Microsoft’s Kinect to find alternative input devices in place of a mouse or keyboard. “Since the total screen size of visualization walls is big, using a keyboard or mouse would mean that the user would have to stay close to the screen and would not be able to see much because of the size of the wall,” Osti says. “This creates a need for a different kind of input device that allows users to easily navigate the huge screen as would a mouse in a single-monitor screen.” Osti says the plan is to build a wireless device for users to navigate the walls.

Solving problems: Osti says he has long been interested in computer programming and creating things to solve problems. He transferred to UMaine from a Tennessee school during his first year because of the College of Engineering’s well-known academic programs. “I felt that I would get more opportunities and greater exposure here,” Osti says.

Valuable experience: Osti, who has been working with electrical and computer engineering professor Bruce Segee, says the fellowship has allowed him to learn a lot beyond the classroom through research as an undergraduate.

Implementing knowledge: Osti is undecided about his plans after graduation. “I would love to work on something interdisciplinary that requires implementing my knowledge of engineering in a different field like medicine or chemistry,” he says.

Carolyn Pugliano
Detecting explosives: A junior in electrical engineering from Nashua, N.H., Pugliano is researching the optimization of a lateral field excited (LFE) sensor that she hopes will be able to detect peroxide-based explosives. “An LFE sensor is basically a wafer of AT-cut quartz crystal with electrodes deposited on one side, leaving the other side of the crystal bare,” she says. “The electrodes excite the crystal’s transverse shear mode with an electric field. Using equipment like a network analyzer, the crystal’s response can be measured. The response can be affected by the environment, such as gases and liquids that come in contact with the bare surface. This indicates that the LFE device may be sensitive enough to detect the gases emitted by dangerous chemicals.” Pugliano also is working to find a new method for measuring the LFE device’s response.

Strength to persevere: “The fellowship means that other people believe in me and my research, which is encouraging,” she says. “While research can be exciting, it can also be frustrating. When I am frustrated, I remember that there are other people who have faith in me, and it gives me strength to persevere.”

No place like UMaine: The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is what drew Pugliano. “I visited several places and none of them really compared to UMaine,” she says. “UMaine has a lot of great opportunities, a beautiful campus and an impressive College of Engineering.”

Real-world applications: Pugliano chose engineering because it’s a challenging yet rewarding field that gives her the opportunity to solve real problems and improve the lives of others. “Also, I can’t say no to those big engineering paychecks,” she says, adding that undergraduate research “isn’t just about getting paid, it’s about applying knowledge from the classroom to real-world problems.”

Helping hand: Pugliano has been working closely with her adviser, electrical and computer engineering professor John Vetelino. “I started doing research for him in summer 2012 in the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) program,” she says. “Dr. Vetelino has been a wonderful adviser and has given me many opportunities.”

Teaching others: After graduation, Pugliano plans to gain experience by working with companies before returning to school to obtain her doctorate in electrical engineering. Her long-term goal is to become a professor.

UMaine Researcher Strives for Effective Innovative STEM Initiatives

A University of Maine researcher is participating in five projects aimed at improving nationwide science instruction and assessments.

Michelle Smith, assistant professor in UMaine’s School of Biology and Ecology, is the principal investigator on four projects and co-principal investigator on another granted $6.8 million in total funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF); UMaine’s portion is $1,012,269.

The projects, three of which are collaborative with other universities, involve UMaine administrators, faculty, postdoctoral and graduate students, undergraduates and area K-12 teachers. “All of these stakeholders … will contribute to national initiatives to improve science education,” says Smith, a member of the Maine Center for Research in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education (Maine RiSE Center).

In August, Smith was returning from a reunion with family members when she learned about the possible funding. “We stopped for lunch and I looked down at my phone and realized my inbox was full of messages from the NSF requesting that I provide them with more information on four different grants within 48 hours,” she says. “I told my family they had to eat ‘right now’ because we had to get home.”

Susan McKay, UMaine professor of physics and director of the Maine RiSE Center, as well as Smith and several other colleagues, will receive $299,998 to transform K-12 STEM education by restructuring teaching methods courses to align with national standards. They’ll also work to attract and retain STEM majors in college as educators and form partnerships with area school districts.

Researchers say the project could make a difference in Maine, where more than 50 percent of students in more than half the school districts are eligible for free or reduced lunch and the resource-based economy could benefit from more technology jobs.

Smith and colleagues MacKenzie Stetzer, Susan McKay and Jeff St. John will receive $249,851 to establish a UMaine program to broaden use of evidence-based teaching and learner-centered practices in STEM courses. UMaine faculty and area K-12 teachers will observe and document instruction in university STEM courses. Their data will be used to develop workshops targeting faculty members’ needs and implement innovative teaching practices.

Smith will receive $219,966 of a $528,459 collaborative project to develop assessments called Bio-MAPS (Biology-Measuring Achievement and Progression in Science) that gauge whether undergraduate college biology students understand core concepts. The University of Washington and University of Colorado-Boulder are partners in the endeavor “to articulate common learning goals and monitor longitudinal student learning in biology.”

The assessments will identify areas in biology in which students struggle. They’ll also help two-year community colleges evaluate how effectively they’re preparing students to transfer to four-year institutions. Assessment data will inform faculty about where changes need to be made in the biology curriculum.

Smith will also receive $187,968 to expand a national network for open-ended assessments called Automated Assessment of Constructed Response (AACR) in which computer software programs analyze answers of students in large-enrollment science courses. The assessments provide more insight into student thinking on common conceptual difficulties than multiple-choice questions.

Michigan State, the University of Colorado-Boulder, the University of Georgia, and Stony Brook University, are also participating in the $5 million project, in which researchers will create a community Web portal to improve alliances among STEM education researchers and promote nationwide implementation of innovative instruction materials.

Smith will receive $54,486 of a $718,000 collaborative award with four other universities to build a national network of Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) that provide professional development opportunities so more faculty can use constructed response assessments to reform teaching in biology. UMaine faculty members Seanna Annis, Farahad Dastoor and Brian Olsen will work with Smith to develop the UMaine FLC.

The project seeks to provide insight into factors that facilitate or hamper faculty using modified teaching materials and practices. It also lays the foundation for a national network of FLCs and subject-based virtual communities with access to real-time automated analysis of AACR assessment items, faculty-developed teaching resources and support.

Smith, who says she chose a faculty position at UMaine in order to work with fantastic researchers and supportive peers, appreciates that her colleagues helped her think about research questions and mentored her during the grant-writing process.

She’s also grateful for the contributions of K-12 teachers. “The pilot data the K-12 teachers collected about university-level STEM instruction was featured in the grant to broaden use of evidence-based teaching and learner-centered practices in STEM courses,” Smith says. “That grant earned the highest scores of any I submitted. My colleagues and I are incredibly lucky to work with such a talented group of teachers who are also excellent researchers.”

Contact: Beth Staples, 207.581.3777


Maine Development Foundation, UMaine Issue Report on Personal Income in Maine

On Oct. 17, the Maine Development Foundation and the University of Maine’s School of Economics and Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center released the second quarterly report analyzing critical economic indicators in Maine. The latest report looks at Maine’s relatively low per capita personal income. The first report, released in August, addressed Maine’s comparatively low level of worker productivity. Ann Acheson, a research associate at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, wrote the new report that analyzes the relative contribution of the three sources of personal income — earned income, investment income and transfer payment income — in Maine and in comparison to the national average. The Maine Development Foundation news release and the full report are online.



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