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2012–2013 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients Announced

The Center for Undergraduate Research at the University of Maine has announced the recipients of the Center for Undergraduate Research Fellowships for 2012–13. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty supervised research, and are supported through a PRE-VUE grant awarded by the UMaine President’s Office. Each fellowship provides a $1,000 award for the student, and up to $1,000 in additional funding, if needed, to cover costs associated with the project. The fellowship recipients are:

Beacham, Gwendolyn (Molecular and Biomedical Sciences), “Genetic Characterization of Plaque Morphology in the Cluster E Phage Ukulek,” Sally Molloy, adviser;

Beauchemin, Michelle (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Graphene-based Electrochemical Sensor,” Rosemary Smith, adviser;

Bergeron, Andres (Psychology), “The Effects of Different Levels of Co-Rumination on College Students,” Douglas Nangle, adviser;

Bird, Kendra (Anthropology), “Specialized Activities in the Middle Woodland Period: Organic Chemistry and Botanical Analysis,” Brian Robinson, adviser;

Cole, Jonathan (Computing and Information Science), “Virtual Simulations of Driving Environments and Age-Related Vision Loss,” Nicholas Giudice, adviser;

Comins, Joshua (Psychology), “The Impact of Describing Your Decision Strategy on Explicit and Implicit Category Learning Systems,” Shawn Ell, adviser;

Crosby, Kathleen (Food Science and Human Nutrition), “Omega-3 Fortified Blueberry Fruit Leather,” Denise Skonberg, adviser;

Daigle, Kristyn (Biochemistry), “Improving Extractability of Allergenic Soy Protein Residues in Processed Foods,” Balunkeswar Nayak, adviser;

Dandy, Michael (Civil and Environmental Engineering), “Extreme Rainfall in a Changing Climate: Developing New Methodologies to Inform Infrastructure Design,” Shaleen Jain, adviser;

Dunning, Samatha (Anthropology), “Biogeography and History of the Chirikof Island Ground Squirrel,” Catherine West, adviser;

Edwards, Christie (Biology/Psychology), “Ketamine and Locomotor Activity,” Alan Rosenwasser, adviser;

Flanagan, Molly (Marine Sciences), “Developing Aquaculture Techniques for the Razor Clam, Ensis directus,” Paul Rawson, adviser;

Garcia, Rafael (Biology and Ecology), “Analysis of Potential Mycotoxins in Contaminated Maple Syrup,” Seanna Annis, adviser;

Harris, Katrina (Molecular and Biomedical Sciences), “Identification of attP Sites in Mycobacteriophages ChipMunk and Ukulele,” Keith Hutchison, adviser;

Heald, Lindsay (New Media), “View from Above,” Mike Scott, adviser;

Hinkle, Emily (Food Science and Human Nutrition), “Cooking and the Varietal Effects on Potato Invitro Bile Acid Binding Capacity,” Mary Ellen Camire, adviser;

Jones, Joshua (Molecular and Biomedical Sciences), “Pathogen-Host Interactions in a Zebrafish Model of Disseminated Candidiasis,” Robert Wheeler, adviser;

Kinney, Morgan (Psychology/Honors), “Measuring Automatic Emotional Responses to Homosexuals,” Jordan LaBouff, adviser;

Lewin, Justin (Biology), “Does Peer Discussion Facilitated by Clicker Questions Enhance Middle School Learning of Science?” Michelle Smith, adviser;

Lovejoy, Emily (Molecular and Biomedical Sciences), “Determining the Effect of Environmental Neurotoxins on the Development of Neurological Defects in a Fish Model of Human Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,” Roger Sher, adviser;

May, Sean (Physics and Astronomy), “Effect of Grain Size on Superconductive Doped Graphite Powder,” Robert Meulenberg, adviser;

Michaud, Amy Marie (Biology and Ecology), “Alteration of Microflora of Entemopathogenic Nematode Pristionchus entomophagus and its Effect Upon Virulence in its Insect Host,” Eleanor Groden, adviser;

Nolan, Kyle (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Study of Ultrathin Graphitic Carbon Films for Nanopore Biosensor,” Rosemary Smith, adviser;

Norwood, Henry (Psychology/Psychological Sciences), “Social Ostracism: Effects on Nuclear Weapon Attitudes,” Jordan LaBouff, adviser;

Nuzzo, Anthony (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Power Inverter for Wave Energy Applications,” Nathan Weise, adviser;

Oliver, Cody James (Art), “Digital Dialogues: Intersection of Fine Art in Technology,” Aaron Boothroyd, adviser;

Osman, Mahadi (Mathematics), “Composites in Different Bases that Remain Composite after Changing Digits,” Andrew Knightly, adviser;

Osti, Bipush (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “Improving the Usability of High Resolution Visualization Walls,” Bruce Segee, adviser;

Paradis, Christopher (Honors/Psychology), “Investigating the Honors Endeavor,” Jordan LaBouff, adviser;

Pelto, Jillian (Earth Sciences), “Crevasse Research in the North Cascades,” Gordon Hamilton, adviser;

Pugliano, Carolyn (Electrical and Computer Engineering), “A Lateral Field Excited Gas Sensor,” John Vetelino, adviser;

Smith, Regina (New Media), “Co-evolving watershed education and Programmable Media Concepts in Middle-School Classrooms: An Implementation of the Creative Thinking Spiral,” Shaleen Jain, adviser;

Szotkowski, Abby (Psychology/Honors), “Attitude Change Toward Outgroups: A Religious Priming Study in an Multinational Sample,” Jordan LaBouff, adviser;

Thibodeau, Caroline (Psychology), “When We Talk About Our Problems: An Analysis of Social Anxiety and Co-Rumination in Romantic Relationships and Friendships,” Douglas Nangle, adviser;

Tugend, Carl (Biology), “Investigating the Effects of Climate Change on Jordan Pond,” Jasmine Saros, adviser;

And Zhang, Xinruo (Food Science and Human Nutrition), “Stability of Phytochemicals in Blueberries With Respect to Different Blanching Methods and Storage,” Balunkeswar Nayak, adviser.

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