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Blog Post: Kuli South George Expedition

Researchers with UMaine’s Climate Change Institute are blogging while on a trip to South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The expedition members are Climate Change Institute Director Paul Mayewski, UMaine graduate students Bjorn Grigholm and Mariusz Potocki, UMaine postdoctoral researcher Dan Dixon, Chilean researchers Gino Casassa and Marcelo Arevalo, EMT medic Alex Kuli, and freelance journalist Alex George Kuli.

For more information about the Climate Change Institute go to To follow the expedition go to The latest blog entry is below:

Thrashing About in the South Atlantic

There’s something incredibly romantic about sailing across the ocean with no one around for hundreds of miles and nothing but azure waters from horizon to horizon. The ambience instantly disappears when you realize your boat’s passengers consist of eight well-meaning, but sweaty and unshaven men. And there is certainly no romance in getting thrashed from port to starboard by merciless, never-ending waves. Or in the seasickness that has struck many of our team (including your correspondent).

We left the Falklands three days ago. Another 36 hours lies ahead before we get to South Georgia Island. The only obstacle that lies ahead is the intriguingly named Shag Rocks, presumably discovered by a pair of lonely sailors during the early days of Polar exploration.

Next update from the dry, seasick-free beaches of South Georgia!

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